Local Cave House Hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey


Local Cave House Cappodocia


There are so many great little cave hotels in Cappadocia (we have a review about another one here). When you are ready to book your trip, which one do you choose to stay in? It’s a hard decision needless to say. We decided to stay at the Local Cave House Hotel due to its location and friendly staff that spoke English when we called them on the phone to asks questions.

Local Cave House Cappodocia


The hotel was centrally located in Gorome and was within walking distance to all these cute shops, coffee houses, and restaurants. Plus the “Family Room” was spacious and comfortable for our 3 adults and 1 child (yes, a Grandparent was visiting from the States) family. The beds were comfortable, the showers never ran out of hot water, and every morning, Local Cave House served a traditional Turkish breakfast, which was included in the price of your room.

Local Cave House Cappodocia

The best thing about the hotel was the balcony overlooking a sky full of hot air balloons floating up above. What a beautiful sight to wake up to in the mornings! We went during Christmas holiday, so the weather was too cold to sit outside on the balcony with a hot cup of coffee, but I am sure if you decide to visit Cappadocia during the Spring. Fall, or Summer time it would be a pleasant place to relax and take in the amazing views of the mountain sceneries. I am sure if you traveled there during the warmer months, your kids will argue differently. The outdoor pool would most definitely be their favorite!

Local Cave House Cappodocia

You can easily call the hotel directly to book a room or book online via www.booking.com The room prices were fairly reasonable this time of year. We paid about $125/per night for the family room. Of course, a standard size room is cheaper.

Local Cave House Cappodocia


Website: http://www.localcavehouse.com

Phone: 0384 271 2171

Payment: Credit Card, TL, or Euro

Address: Gaferli Mah. Cevizler Sok. No 11, 50180 Göreme, Turkey

GPS Coordinates: 38.6436868, 34.83068090000006

Free Wi-Fi

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