Random in Korea: Matchee Matchee


I love to people watch, and in Korea it is taken to a whole new level when you see some of the fashions here, particularly “matchee matchee.” Matchee matchee is when Korean couples dress alike to show their love or friendship for one another.

I so wish I could get my husband on board with this so that we could be stylin’ and profilin’ in skinny jeans and pinstripe button downs on the train like this couple.  And she even got him to carry her purse!



It is also important to show your love at the pool, lest someone try to pick up your significant other in their teeny bikini!


Even older couples get into the trend. I saw this couple on the train and said to my husband, Come on, let’s retire here and become an old Korean couple who dresses matchee matchee!



Matchee Matchee can also be a one-person phenomenon, as demonstrated by this fashion-forward hiker: (Yes, that’s me in the photo; I handed my phone to my husband and said, Quick, pretend to take a pic of me but really get that guy! I think he was on to us and getting into it…look at that pose!)


And finally, there is a couple so mismatched that they just become a unique form of matchee matchee… the Ajumma and Ajassi… the old couple who does whatever, whenever and does not apologize! I love it! (I have fantasies of miraculously growing up to become an ajumma one day!)


Have you noticed this trend? Have you gone out matchee matchee with a friend or significant other? If there was going to be anywhere to try it out, this would be the place to fit right in!


Tell us your thoughts!

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