Post-Natal Care at BAACH, Yongsan (121)


Alexis is contributing a series of posts about prenatal care, Labor & Delivery, and postnatal care at 121 -the Brian Allgood Army Community Hospital (BAACH) – in Yongsan, Korea. This is the third post in that installment. You can also read about her perspectives on prenatal care and labor & delivery.

L&D 121-006

Once I was able to move my feet and hold down some water, I was transferred back to the WICU into the post-partum room. The room was amazing. We had two hospital beds and our own bathroom. The babies stayed in our room the entire time in their little bassinets. The babies were provided little tops, hats and a blanket to be swaddled. We also had diapers and wipes available as needed. As for Mom and Dad – I brought all of my own toiletries. They did provide towels and post-partum care (pads and mesh underwear – AH-MAZING after a c-section) as needed. My husband opted to shower at home as he needed to run out and get food/change of clothes anyways. I was provided three meals a day; nothing great but not too bad.

L&D 121-007

We had the typical nursing interruptions throughout the day and night for vitals, but otherwise we were left to ourselves, although I think if I needed/wanted extra help they definitely would have provided it. The BEST thing that happened to me was my nurse the morning immediately following the c-section (she was also my nurse the entire weekend). She encouraged me to get up and walk as quickly as possible, even if it was only to the bathroom and back. I honestly believe this was key to my quick recovery. She was so supportive and encouraging.

As for entertainment, there was none. There is NOT a TV in the post-partum room and the WI-FI is spotty. We were able to Skype with family, but the connection was poor and we quickly lost the call. This would be my only complaint of the entire process. Thankfully we were pretty busy with two babies, but at times, we definitely would have enjoyed just laying there watching a show or Skyping with family. If we had to do this again, I would definitely have brought my laptop and some movies.

L&D at 121

(We brought additional hats and swaddle blankets)

Since I technically delivered Saturday morning (0100), I was not discharged until Monday morning, which actually worked out really well. We were able to go down and do the babies’ hearing screening before leaving the hospital, as well as register them into PAL. Prior to discharge they reviewed my entire stay and gave us all the necessary documents to file the babies’ birth abroad, social security numbers and passports. All our follow-up appointments were scheduled for us at that time. We also had to bring the car seats up to the unit to ensure they were not expired and that we knew how to correctly place the baby into the car seat.

The hospital provided us with some “goodies” as we were leaving. We got a small case of formula, mini bottles, and diapers for the babies. I was sent home with a wash bottle, pads, and extra mesh underwear. After everything was loaded in the stroller, we were buzzed off the unit. And just like that we were off to take care of these two little miracles… alone!

Have you delivered a baby (or two) at 121? What were your experiences with the postnatal care? If you have anything to add to this conversation, please don’t hesitate to do so in the comments – we’d love to hear your perspective – or answer your questions!

All photos in this article were taken with permission of the staff on the Labor & Delivery unit of 121. Many thanks for their cooperation in this project!

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