Trevia Pizza di Roma


If you’ve lived in Korea for a while or if you’ve just arrived in Yongsan to in-process, you may have a craving for pizza! However, it might be difficult to satisfy that craving if you’ve tried Korean pizza and just don’t care for it. Korean pizza is definitely a unique and tasty experience, but might not hit the spot in terms of your craving.

Fortunately, an authentic (at least to my taste buds) Italian-style pizzeria exists just outside Itaewon! Trevia Pizza Di Roma is very walkable both from the main gate at Yongsan and the gate located by the gas station on post… and the walk usually helps justify my pizza gluttony once in a while 🙂

pizza di roma-004

The menu is in English and Korean, so no worries on being able to decipher what delicious pizza you’ll get! If you’re not in the mood for pizza, they also have paninis, salads, and pasta selections. Trevia makes their own bread as bases for the pizza and paninis, so once you’ve ordered it can be neat to watch them making the dough, letting it rise, and then turning it into a pizza or panini! The smell is amazing and fills up the whole restaurant.

I usually order a pizza margherita or a pesto panini. It’s hard to choose between favorites! My husband can eat two pizzas himself as they are not too thick but says he is definitely full after that! Trevia does offer beer, wine, and a small selection of coffee drinks should you wish to order them.

pizza di roma-005

An important thing to note: Trevia seems to have a very devoted following and they are usually very busy around lunchtime right when they open (usually 11:30-1) during weekdays, so I would definitely advise coming not during their rush hour, but instead try for a late lunch/early dinner. That way, you can truly enjoy the experience, relax, and not have to scarf down your pizza while a long line of hungry customers surrounds your table.

pizza di roma-003

  Click to enlarge menu

11:30 am- 11:00 pm M-S

Phone: 02-794-6003

Address: 557 Itaewon-Dong, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul

GPS Coordinates: 37.5373206, 126.98705569999993

Directions: Leave post either from the main gate or the one closest to the gas station. Start walking towards Itaewon and the bridge by Noksapyeong Station, then cross under the bridge so you’re on the right side of the sidewalk. You’ll pass a car dealership, a pet store, and a couple other restaurants. Before you know it you’ll arrive at Trevia!

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