Menderes Adasi Piknik Alani – Trampoline Park


Menderes Adasi Piknik Alani

We were driving near the Seyhan Resevoir in Adana when we decided to follow the road out onto a little peninsula (a scenic lookout). In the middle of the peninsula, we found an outdoor trampoline and a bouncy castle park. Our daughter was in “play heaven” when she saw the giant size bouncy castle!

Menderes Adasi Piknik Alani

Menderes Adasi Piknik Alani

When the weather is beautiful but you are not in the mood to go climb a castle or hike a ruin, then why not take the kids (adults can have fun too!) to this park for some “jumping” fun? The cost to jump on either the trampolines or bouncy castle is 1.5 TL for 5 minutes and 3 TL for 10 minutes of fun.   Once you are tired of jumping, you can head on over closer to the water and rent paddleboats. The cost is 20 TL for 1 hour.

Menderes Adasi Piknik Alani

Menderes Adasi Piknik Alani

Before heading out, be sure to pack a nice picnic lunch (there are picnic tables all around the peninsula) or you can buy food from one of the many food vendors. In addition to kebaps and fish, you will find vendors offering the traditional Turkish drink sahlep (a hot drink made with milk and sahlep flour with a dash of nutmeg or cinnamon), çay, Turkish coffee, and bici bici (an Adana-specific dessert made from shredded ice, cooked starch, powdered sugar, and syrup).

Menderes Adasi Piknik Alani

This little spot can provide some good inexpensive entertainment for the whole family. There are fun things to do, it is not very far away, the views of the city and lake are great, and the parking is free!

Menderes Adasi Piknik Alani

Address: Menderes Adası Piknik Alanı, Çukurova, 01150 Adana, Turkey

GPS Coordinates: 37.05046, 35.316067

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