Tatlici Erol Bakery


Tatlici Erol

Turkey knows how to make some delectable desserts, especially their traditional baklavas. However, if you haven’t tried their “chocolate baklava” yet, you cannot PCS until you do so. It is pleasantly delightful if you have a weakness for chocolate. I didn’t even know they made chocolate baklava, because not many bakeries or restaurants sell it, until I came across this little bakery in Adana called Tatlici Erol. Once you eat a bite of this delicious goodness, you cannot stop at just one!

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Beware — the chocolate baklava is only available daily after 4:00pm. Even though the bakery sells other baked goods and cakes, the chocolate baklava is only available in the early evenings. I have been there a couple of times mid-morning and was always turned away and told to come back after 4:00pm. The bakery also makes some beautiful cakes for all kinds of occasions such as birthdays, baby shower, anniversaries, etc. I haven’t tried any of their cakes yet (only the baklava), but I am sure it’s yummy.

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The bakery does take pre-orders, but you will need someone to call and translate Turkish to place your order. Unfortunately, the staff there does not speak English. The price for 1 kilo of chocolate baklava is 22TL and for traditional pistachio and/or walnut baklava it costs around 16-18TL per kilo. There is indoor and outdoor seating for you to enjoy your dessert & coffee. Plus, there are plenty of free street parking around the area. Every time we have gone there; we were able to pull up right in front no problem.

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Phone: +90 322 242 0088

Payment: Credit Card & TL

Address: Huzur Evleri Mahallesi İsmet Atlı Bulvarı, Adana, Turkey

GPS coordinates: 37.034346, 35.272775

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