Pfennigbasar in Kaiserslautern


pfennigbasar kaiserslautern |www.germanyja.comDo you like a good bargain? Are you looking to stock up on some 220 volt kitchen appliances or other necessities for your German home? Do you want to support a non-profit organization that gives back to the local Kaiserslautern community? You can do all of that at the annual Pfennig Bazaar (in German, Pfennigbasar) in Kaiserslautern at the Gartenschau’s banquet hall.

Every March, the German American & International Women’s Club of Kaiserslautern hosts the Pfennigbasar. It is a giant rummage sale that serves as the club’s main fundraiser. The non-profit organization aims to foster German and American (as well as international) friendships and it is involved in both charitable and social works.

Held in the banquet hall of the Gartenschau, the sale is a welcome way to leave the dreary winter weather outside and look for some great deals inside. Organization of the goods is excellent; there are very clearly marked and divided departments. For example, one can buy shoes at one booth, women’s clothing at another, and home goods at yet another. The sale features home goods, sporting goods, clothing for the whole family, electronics, books, and even some antiques.

There are some great deals to be found. For example, I picked up a handmade, wool hallway rug for five euros. I also picked up some designer jeans for only a euro. Even better than both of those finds was the fun I had searching for bargains!pfennigbasar kaiserslautern |

After exploring the items for sale, one might work up a hunger. For that, there is a snack bar and bake sale. Buy a ticket at one table and exchange it for a piece of delicious Kuchen at another. It’s a great way to try some traditional German cakes made by the German members, as well as some American favorites made by the expat volunteers.

Do you want to do more than just shop and eat cake? There are other opportunities for non-members to get involved. For example, you can donate extra belongings you may have at home. There are several collection dates before the sale where you can bring your donated items. The sale always needs volunteers to help sort and sell items. For more information, check out the club’s website.

Whether you come to the sale to shop, or also come to volunteer, it’s a fun day out and who knows what kind of treasures you might find!

pfennigbasar kaiserslautern |www.germanyja.comTo make the most of your visit, here are some tips:

  • Parking around the Bazaar/Gartenschau can be very congested and you might have to park quite a distance away. You may wish to have one person by the gate with your purchases and one person to drive up from parking in the hinterlands.
  • If you’re hoofing it, bring one of those little grocery bags on wheels to carry your stuff home.
  • Bring some bags for your purchases.
  • Bring plenty of cash (euros). It’s most helpful to bring small bills and coins. Each section of goods is set up separately and you pay at each station.

General Information

German American & International Women’s Club of Kaiserslautern Pfennigbasar website

Dates and Times:

March 6-8, 2015
Friday: 1100-1800on
Saturday and Sunday: 1000-1700


Veranstaltungshalle (Banquet Hall)
An der Kalause 9
67659 Kaiserslautern


Free to enter the sale


There is some paid parking around the Gartenschau, both on the street and in the lots directly adjacent. Pay at the meter and place the parking ticket on the dashboard.


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