The Sunday Market Near Canal


In my opinion, one of the great things about living in Turkey is the open-air market. The Turkish word for market is pazar.  There are many kinds of markets around Adana, but one of my favorites is the Sunday fruit and vegetable market by the canal.

The canal market has more than just very fresh fruits and vegetables. There are home goods, clothing, fresh eggs, and sometimes fish. I like the canal market because there are so many vendors and things to see. I also find it to be a little less expensive and to have a larger variety than the markets that are in Incirlik village.


The vendors at the canal don’t speak quite as much English as they do at the markets closer to base. Hand gestures work fine, but it also helps to know a few words to make it a little bit easier to shop. These few words should help:

How much? Ne kadar

Numbers 1-5 to understand prices

1 – bir (beer)

2 – iki (icky)

3 – üç (ooch)

4 – dört (door-t)

5 – beş (besh)

Thanks – teşekkürler (tay shay coo lar)

Sunday Canal Market

Most food is sold by the kilo. One kilo is 2.2 pounds. When a vendor tells you a price it is usually the price for one kilo of produce. Some things are sold by the bunch or bundle and the vendor will hold up one or two bunches and tell you the price.

The vendor will supply you with a plastic bag for you to fill. The vendor will then weigh your bag and tell you how much it costs. The vendor might add or take away produce to equal one or two kilos. (It’s usually easiest to deal in whole kilos).

Sunday Canal Market

It can get very, very crowded in the afternoon so going before lunch is best. Also, the market is very long, so if you plan on walking the whole thing, wear good shoes and know that you have to turn around at some point and head back to your car.  It is very easy to park along the road. We’ve never had any problems finding a parking spot that is close to the entrance.

After all the fun of the market the real challenge is taking all your produce home washing it and getting it put away. Give the canal Sunday market a try one weekend. You’ll love it!

Sunday Canal Market

Address: Özgür Mh., Saksı Çiçeği Caddesi (Ege Bagatur Blv.), 01000 Adana/Adana, Turkey

GPS Coordinates: N 36º59’30.5” E 035º21’43.2”

Directions: To get to the market: leave base and take a right onto the D-400. Follow the D-400 until you reach the first small canal (it’s at a light) take a right. The market will be down on your left hand side. You will see white tents on the opposite side of the canal. Once you see the tents take the first small roundabout to make a u-turn. You can then park anywhere along the street. To enter the market after parking, follow the sidewalk along the canal to the small road that crosses the canal and into the market.

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