Binbir Çiçek


Binbir Çiçek 1

I’ve been back in the States for the past few weeks visiting family over the holidays. While away, I started hearing rumors about a new find on a craft store in Old Adana.

So as soon as the jet lag wore off, I asked/begged/invited myself along to see where this new find was located. I consider myself to be somewhat ‘Old Adana’ savvy – I’ve navigated the narrow streets in my American sized sedan, dodged traffic across the busy roundabouts, and my husband swears that all of the fabric from the fabric district is stacked up in our guestroom – but my Turkish driving skills were a little rusty, and I felt a little out of practice in navigating Old Adana so I was glad I decided to tag along with friends.

This craft store was a challenge to find, but it was not impossible.

Binbir Çiçek 7

Ribbons. Jewelry making supplies. Knitting needles. Crochet needles. Thread. Beads, beads and more beads! I honestly had never seen so many beads in one place in my life. The store is packed from floor to ceiling with these items. They even had small sewing kits, scissors, rotary cutters, craft glue and polyfill.

Binbir Çiçek 3

Binbir Çiçek 4

Binbir Çiçek 2

And the store is packed with people too! I brought both of my toddlers with me, and I was very thankful that I decided not to bring my large stroller. It would never have fit. My umbrella stroller was a tight fit, and it still was not ideal, but I was glad to have at least one toddler contained.

Binbir Çiçek 5                        Binbir Çiçek 6

Pro Tip: Leave your little ones at home – hire a babysitter!

As I mentioned above, this place was a challenge to get to. We parked at the parking lot near the Catholic Church (see Ozlem post for parking directions). From there, we had to make our way across the very busy, highly crazy roundabout. And then the store was just a few blocks off that street. It was a challenge to cross the street with all the cars going in so many directions, but find a Turkish citizen, and follow them. You might think I’m kidding, but when they cross – you cross.

Now, if this might seem too daunting to you, do not fear. There is an ‘otopark’ right near this store, and next time, this is where I will be parking! (Coordinates for Parking Garage below)

The prices were very reasonable and I doubt you’ll need more than 20TL to get everything you’ll need. Bring TL with you, as they do not accept credit cards.

Once you visit this store, post your experience! We’d love to hear your feedback on this store!

Thank you very much to Jennifer and Crystal for this awesome find in Old Adana!

Payment: TL

Hours: No official hours, but like most stores in Old Adana, go after 10am Monday-Saturday.

Address: Kuruköprü Mh., Melekgirmez Sokak (Toptancılar Sk.), 01000 Adana

Coordinates: 36.987240, 35.324059
(Parking Coordinates near the store – 36.987429, 35.323986)



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