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Note: Nikki visited Mallorca and told us about what to do in Mallorca and now she returns to tell us what to eat!

When our family was at Mallorca, we were looking forward to enjoying the island’s fresh, local seafood! There are plenty of restaurants featuring a variety of cuisines and you can order different version of paella anywhere you go. We really enjoyed the bread, garlic mayo and olives that are served while you are waiting for your meal to be prepared. There are a few tips that I would recommend when dining on the island. I would check the dining hours of restaurants before making plans. We found that a lot of the restaurants did not open until later in the evening (after 7) for dinner. There are also some restaurants that are seasonal and only open in the summer. I would also recommend asking about the daily special or the pre-fix menu. Finally, if you are looking for something in particular, don’t be afraid to ask the locals. We got a lot of great recommendations from the wait staff and other merchants along the way.

Here are some of our favorite restaurants:

Ca n´ Eduardo Majorca restaurant | www.germanyja.comCa n´ Eduardo

I don’t think that it is possible to give enough compliments to the chef and the staff of Ca n´ Eduardo. We stopped by the highly recommended restaurant on Saturday night without a reservation. Luckily we arrived before the dinner rush and had no problems getting seated. The outside of the restaurant is fairly non-descript, but the dining room ambiance and views were spectacular.

The waiter was very excited to tell us that all of the fish and seafood that the restaurant serves is fresh caught. He also told us about the special dishes of the night. It was very difficult to decide what to order, but we ended up with a calamari appetizer, fresh shucked oysters, salt baked sea bass and mixed seafood paella. The calamari was perfectly cooked- it was crispy on the outside, tender and flavorful on the inside. The oysters were not only looked delicious but had a balanced, fresh taste. I cannot say enough about the   salt baked sea bass. The entire fish was brought out and the server then it was quite a display to watch the server crack open the salt and expertly filet the fish. It was moist, light and perfectly cooked. To top that, the sea bass was served with clarified butter infused with fresh lemon. We didn’t find any bones in the fish and enjoyed every last bite. The paella was the best that we had on the island. The rice was perfectly cooked and seasoned. The seafood in the paella was fresh and served in abundant portions.

The prices were fair considering the amount and quality of the food we were served. The front room was a little on the cold side, but the main dining area was warm and we enjoyed spending some time after our meal admiring the views of the marina and nearby Mallorca cathedral. It was truly remarkable spending part of our evening with the owner Johnny and his staff. We are definitely looking forward to returning to the restaurant if we ever make it back to the island.

Ca n´ Eduardo website 

Macià Batl wine tasting Majorca | www.germanyja.comMacià Batl

O.K., so Macià Batl isn’t a restaurant per say, but it is a great stop for lunch. We really enjoyed our tour and wine tasting in Macià Batl. I thought the €8 per person cost was very reasonable. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. The tour was offered in English and we were lucky enough to be the only group at the winery. I loved the art work on the bottles. We learned that a new artist is selected each year to design the bottle label and in the store front you can pick up free poster prints of the labels.

After the tour of the wine making process, we were treated to a wine tasting with a table full of snack foods. They served enough food that it could have been a light lunch or enough to hold you over if you were waiting for a big dinner out. We had bread with olive oil from the vineyard either sprayed with liquid sea salt or with berry flavored balsamic vinegar; different types of Paté; and jams. They do offer shipping to countries throughout Europe and our package arrived at our home in 4 days. I would love to go back either when the grapes are in full bloom or when they are producing the wine to see the machinery in action.

Macià Batl website 

Ca'n Barry Restaurant Majorca |

Ca’n Barry

We were drawn to this menu by their lunch special menu. The restaurant is beautiful. It has a lovely court yard in the front that would be wonderful to sit at on a warm day. The inside has an upscale, yet cozy atmosphere.

I ordered from the daily special menu and selected paella for an appetizer and grilled sea bass for my main course. The fish was light, well cooked and drizzled in olive oil with fresh herb and garlic. My husband ordered a lamb dish that was sautéed with olive oil, vegetables and fresh herbs. Our daughter ordered tortellini in an alfredo sauce. For dessert we had a cheese tort that was like a very light cheese cake drizzled with an almost honey flavored caramel sauce. We really enjoyed the nice, relaxing ambiance of the restaurant and the food was superb.

Ca’n Barry website 

Zhero Star Sushi Bar and Coffee Majorca | www.germanyja.comZhero Star Sushi Bar and Coffee

At first we were a little suspicious of having breakfast at a sushi bar and café, but it was close to our hotel and we thought we’d give it a try. I can tell you we were pleasantly surprised.

We had the best latte macchiato and cappuccinos on the island!! They also have croissant sandwiches, pastries and tarts in the mornings.   We were so impressed with the coffee that morning that we came back later in the evening for more coffee and cake. The waiter was not kidding when he said they have the best chocolate cake around- it was a chocolate lover’s delight and not too overpowering like some chocolate cakes can be. The tapas they featured was inventive and fresh. We would have returned for breakfast on Monday but they were closed. The staff was very friendly and the café has a very relaxing atmosphere.

Zhero Star Sushi Bar and Coffee website 

Mojo Beach Cafe Bar Majorca | www.germanyja.comMojo Beach Café Bar

We stopped into Mojo Beach in the morning for breakfast and returned that evening for dinner. It was excellent sitting in their restaurant enjoying the sunshine come in through their sun room. We enjoyed fresh squeezed orange juice, cappuccinos, eggs benedict and full English breakfasts.

The staff was super friendly and seemed to really enjoy the food they served.   We had a really fun morning! The food was good and the portions were very plentiful. When we returned for dinner, we sat inside in the dining area by the big TV to watch the soccer game. They have an extensive cocktail menu and drinks were expertly prepared at the bar. The food was served quickly and tasted great.

Mojo Beach Café Bar website

For Nikki’s post on what to do in Majorca, please read her Germany Ja article!

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