Tarsus: Şelale Çay Bahcesi Restaurant & Waterfall


Tarsus Şelale Çay Bahcesi

As we approach the month of March, the weather in Turkey is starting to warm up just a tad bit. If you are looking for things to do or places to see then you must venture out to Tarsus (about 1.5 hrs drive from Incirlik) to check out the “Tarsus Waterfall.”  There are birds and sometime you’ll see ducks swimming in the water. My 3-year-old daughter thought this was the most exciting part of going to the waterfall. Even though, there is no playground for the kids to play, there is still a big open space for them to run around and still be fairly safe.

Tarsus Şelale Çay Bahcesi

During the summertime ODR offers group trips to this place, but the drive is fairly easy if you decide to go on your own. Plus, when you’re already in Tarsus, you can also make a pit stop at St. Paul’s Well to drink from the famous well.

Tarsus Şelale Çay Bahcesi

There are a few restaurants near the waterfall to dine at; which they all offer a gorgeous view of the running river. We decided to eat at the Şelale Çay Bahcesi restaurant because we thought they serve a pretty good Turkish breakfast, but if you decide to go later in the day they have a fairly big menu full of traditional Turkish faire & kebaps. I love that they serve Çay in a fancy teapot at your table. Talk about unlimited refills of caffeine! Hahaha.

Tarsus Şelale Çay Bahcesi

Tarsus Şelale Çay Bahcesi

We could sit there for hours drinking our tea, relaxing, and soaking in the serene tranquil sounds of the waterfall and the waiters never made us feel like we had to leave. So, if you have hours to kill I would suggest stopping in for a bite to eat and enjoy the sunshine! This place is truly a gem, to be enjoyed by both tourists and locals.

Tarsus Şelale Çay Bahcesi

Phone: +90 324 614 1115

Payment: Credit Card & TL

Outdoor Seating Only


Mimar Sinan Blv, Tarsus, Turkey

GPS Coordinates: 36.931596, 34.908776999999986

Google Map

Parking Fee: 5 TL per vehicle with no time limit

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