Güney Marina – Seafood with a VIEW!


Güney Marina

Just when I thought the last seafood restaurant I reviewed was the best food I’ve eaten in Adana, I came across Güney Marina. This foodie is on a roll when it comes to stumbling across some pretty amazing restaurants in and around Adana.

Güney Marina, with its well manicured lawn, stunning views of the Seyhan Reservoir, an indoor kids playroom (for the rainy days) and an outdoor playground for the kids to entertain themselves for hours upon hours have pretty much topped my list as the best restaurant in Adana!

Güney Marina Güney Marina Güney Marina

The drive to Güney Marina from Incirlik is about 30 minutes out near the lake. As you walk into the restaurant, there is a line of waiters there to greet you with a smile and see you to your table. We went on a beautiful spring-like day, so naturally we wanted to be seated out on the patio.

Güney Marina                        Güney Marina

When you walk into this restaurant, the amazing view of the lake just takes your breath away. Every table in the house offers a 180-degree view. It is a fabulous location to get fresh air and soak in the sunshine, and of course, eat delicious seafood! If you are not a seafood fan, have no fear: there is a huge selection of Turkish dishes like kebaps, grilled meats, and hummus, tavas, etc. In addition to a lunch and dinner menu, the restaurant also offers a lovely Turkish Breakfast menu, serving at 10:00am on weekends.

Güney Marina

Once we were seated, our waiter brought by a huge rolling cart full of “mini plates” to choose from. These are mini specialty Turkish side dishes (hummus, eggplant baba-ganoush, cucumber yogurt, just to name a few) to accompany the main course. Pick as many or as little as you can eat—it is priced a la carte. All the mini plates looked so yummy. My husband had to hold a tight rein on me from ordering one of EVERYTHING!

Güney Marina              Güney Marina

Both my husband and I are big fish & seafood connoisseurs – we love it! We went with our waiter’s recommendation and ordered the garlic lemon butter Stone Bass for two. We’d never had Stone Bass before because it’s not a common fish served in the States. I have eaten some pretty good fish in Adana during our short time here in Turkey, but I have to admit that the Stone Bass at Güney was super fresh, amazingly delicious, very meaty, juicy and literally just melted in our mouths!

Güney Marina

Our friend “Google” says, “Stone Bass is a deep-water fish and close relative of the Sea Bass that can be found primarily in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean.” Everything we ordered was delightful, from the fresh salads and side dishes, to the scrumptious fish, to the “cooked to perfection” calamari rings, and we of course topped off our meal with Çay (Turkish tea).

Güney Marina                               Güney Marina


If you are looking for a really nice restaurant to spend a good chunk of your afternoon enjoying beautiful views and eating exquisite food, I highly recommend taking a trip to Güney Marina Restaurant. You will not be disappointed, and if all else fails at least go for the LAKESIDE VIEW!

Menu: Turkish Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Happy Hour

Hours: Monday – Sunday 10:00am-10:00pm

Payment: Credit Card, TL

Phone: 0322 234 93 72

Website: www.guneymarina.com

Address: Karslılar Mh. Adnan Menseres Blv., Karsli Koyu Coban Dede Mevkii Cukurova 01170 Adana, Turkey

GPS Coordinates: 37.06448770545539, 35.299273933868335

Free Valet Parking

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  1. Local Manager says:

    We are happy to hear that our Turkey Tamam readers go out and try some of our restaurant recommendations and have enjoyed it!


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