I-Play at Dongdaemun Design Plaza



When you say, “Dongdaemun”, I think of two things: shopping and the crazy, spaceship shaped Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). That building and the surrounding grounds are actually a pretty cool place to explore, and I’ll write much more about that in a future post, but right now I’m going to focus on the I-Play kid’s zone.


I-Play is a great place to take your little ones for some creative play. It’s at the end of the hall on the 1st floor of the Design Lab (Building D) of the DDP complex. This area of the building is called the “Kid’s Creativity Community”, and there are a number of fun shops along the hallway. Inside I-Play there are multiple stations for the kids to explore and a rather large natural wooden play set.


Inside the play set there are additional stations for science, music, motion – so many different options – in addition to a slide and other obstacle course elements. It’s like a raised mini-maze for the kids to run through over and over again.


There is an area for riding small vehicles, arts and craft areas, a section for building with interlocking wooden toys, and a giant, interactive video screen. My little guy had an enormously fun amount of time spent in front of the screen dancing around as a dinosaur. He even figured out how to push the button on the left to take freeze frames of himself in funny poses.


There is a nice section of cushioned benches for those parents or caregivers who would like to just let the little ones run around on their own (it is a completely enclosed facility and a large open space). As a bonus, there is a small cafe located to the left of the entrance. It offers hot and cold beverages, a selection of baked goods, and some nice sweet treats.


This is a great place to go for some playtime fun or as a great reward for those kids who have tagged along with you for some shopping craziness!


Tuesday-Sunday: 10:30 am-18:00 pm

(closed every Monday, on New Year’s day, and on Chuseok)

Admission Fee (for 2 hours):

Target ages: 3 to 7 years

Children: 10,000 KRW; Adults: 4,000 KRW

(500 KW for each additional 10 minutes)

Creative Art Projects in the studio – additional 5,000 KRW

Phone: (02) 2153-0742

Address:  동대문디자인플라자서울특별시중구광희동을지로281
281Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

Google Maps Coordinates: 37.566725, 127.009506


Bus – Check available routes here: http://www.ddp.or.kr/DI010020/getInitPage.do?MENULEVEL=8_5_1

Car – for driving and parking information: http://www.ddp.or.kr/DI010018/getInitPage.do?MENULEVEL=8_5_1

Seoul Subway – Lines2, 4, or 5 – Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station, Exit 1

As you exit the subway under DDP into Oullim Square, head to the building on your right (D Building). You can then either:
-take entrance D1 (near the outdoor stairs) and ride the elevator up to 1F


-walk up the center hill, past the information entrance (marked with a “?”) and enter at D2 or D3 (which are already on 1F)

Once inside and on 1F, head all the way to the end of the building; I-Play is the last room at the end of the hallway.

4 thoughts on “I-Play at Dongdaemun Design Plaza

  1. Charisse says:

    I would love to take my son this place. Unfortunately, we live in Daegu. Is there anything similar to this type of indoor playground located near Daegu?


  2. Christine says:

    After some creative googling, I found something called the Daegu Childhall. The site is all in Korean: http://www.daegu.go.kr/Childhall/ BUT if you google “Daegu Childhall” you can use the translate option to read everything in English. Let us know if you visit it!


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