Akform Gida – Baking Supply Store in Old Adana


Akform Baking

I love to make cakes as a very part-time occasional hobby, so I was very excited to find this baking supply store in Old Adana. It is located on a very crowded, busy street in Old Adana called Karacaoğlan Caddesi, but if you’ve been to Old Adana, busy streets are par for the course.

Akform Baking       Akform Baking


The baking supply store is fantastic! It has everything you would need to make professional cakes and cookies. There is a wall full of cookie cutters, a great selection of icing tips, cake forms, cake shaping knives, fondant tools, food coloring etc. I was impressed with the amount of fondant tools they had – almost more than a Joann’s would have in stock. And even if you’re just a novice cake maker like me, it was nice to know they even have the basics, like cupcake liners, cupcake décor, birthday candles, and cake pans.

Akform Baking          Akform Baking

In addition to cake/baking supplies, they also have soap making supplies. I do not know anything about soap making or what supplies are needed, but they had about 100 molds to choose from and a wall full of supplies.

Akform Baking

Parking for Akform Gida is along the street, at no charge. The store has two traffic cones in front of the store which reserve a spot for their customers. On the day I visited the store, this spot happened to be available; however, I do not expect this to be the case the next time I visit, so I would be prepared to park in the first available spot on the street and walk to the store.

Akform Baking           Akform Baking

The store employees do not speak much English (I don’t really expect them to), but that did not diminish their friendliness and willingness to help. Photos of what you’re looking for, a translator app/dictionary are always helpful things to bring along with you.

Akform Baking

The owner’s son arrived as we were leaving, and he knows a little English. He was really excited at the prospect of more Americans coming to shop at their store.

A big Thank You to Shamika Dunnings at Bakerbee’s Angelic Delights for directing me to this awesome find in Adana!

Website: http://www.adanapastamalzemeleri.com/ and Facebook Page

Payment: Bring TL, but they do have a credit card machine.

Hours: M-F 7:30am-6:30pm and Saturday 7:30am-5:30pm

Address: Kocavezir Mh., Karacaoğlan Caddesi, 01000 Adana

GPS Coordinates36.985596, 35.321394

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