Yeouido Spring Flower Festival

The 2015 Yeouido Spring Flower Festival will run from April 10 through April 15th. Catch it while you can!


Yeouido balloon-001

Spring in Korea means we welcome warmer weather and flowers – lots and lots of flowers. This includes the ever popular cherry blossoms! Few can resist the beauty of a sea of soft pink petals fluttering in the breeze. There are a number of wonderful cherry blossom festivals held all throughout South Korea. They start at the end of March on Jeju Island and work their way up the peninsula, through places such as Jinhae (the largest festival), Hwagae, Yeouido, and Gyeongpo.

Yeouido Festival-001

Yeouido Island is in Seoul, along the Hangang River, and is a popular outdoor recreation destination all year long. The Yeouido Spring Flower Festival is held at the beginning of April (dates are always subject to change, depending upon when the flowers actually pop). There are over 1,400 Korean cherry trees, as well as azaleas, forsythias and other flowers on display during the festival. It is simply beautiful!

Yeouido fall-001

Car traffic is very limited near the festival site and there is plenty of space to walk along the route while enjoying the vibrant colors and “flower snow”, as my son called it. It is a great walk during the day and at night, when the trees are lit with different colored lights. In addition to mother nature’s flower show there are musical acts, demonstrations, and art exhibits.

Yeouido music-001

8th Army Band performing at the 2014 festival

I loved this festival for the variety of displays and the interactive areas, such as the musical instrument tent. We were given a passport of sorts to collect stamps in at each event site and received a nice souvenir for the day. There were also lots of fun photo op stations and places to pull up a blanket along the river to enjoy a snack (either your own or from the snack carts along the route).

Yeouido activity-001

Pro Tips: Bring sunscreen, wear comfortable shoes, and bring a blanket to sit on while enjoying the musical acts.

Yeouido Park, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul-si


GPS Coordinates: 37.5331697, 126.9187488


Seoul Subway Line 9, National Assembly Station, Exit 1 or 6, walk for 5 minutes

Seoul Subway Line 5, Yeouinaru Station, Exit 1, walk for about 20 minutes

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