Sushi Akimoto, Nuremberg


Sushi Akimoto Nuremberg | www.germanyja.comI can’t tell you how many people I hear around post wistfully reminiscing about the sushi they miss from back home. Now I have a place to recommend! It’s Akimoto in Nuremburg.

We visited Akimoto on a sushi search and it turned out to be a very happening place. There’s a running sushi bar where you grab all you can eat from a conveyor belt, but on a Friday or Saturday night, it’s best to call ahead or be willing to wait an hour or more. We were hungry so we passed on that option, but are planning on it for next time!

Sushi Akimoto Nuremberg | www.germanyja.comThe main seating area where we sat had just a few open tables. We ordered from the main menu. I had the Gemuse Suppe (vegetable soup), which was excellent, and the Ebi Tempura Roll, which was also very good. My date had the Gyu appetizer (grilled beef on a stick with sauce) and the Sapporo Mix sushi plate – all just as delicious. Just remember that nigiri are those slices of raw fish on rice, which my date apparently didn’t!

The menu is quite comprehensive. In addition to sushi, you can try tempura, udon and soba noodles, sashimi, and more. The bento boxes were a popular order for many guests and there are several meats and a vegetarian option to choose from. There’s even a kids’ menu.

Sushi Akimoto Nuremberg | www.germanyja.comThe restaurant seemed a little short-staffed the night we were there, which was fine for a slow-paced dinner. If you’re looking for a quick meal, just know what you want and order it right away. Also be sure to get someone’s attention to ask for the check – it won’t be dropped off until you request it!

As for prices, we ate until we were stuffed and paid less than 35 euro. The all-you-can-eat running bar is 16,90 euro per person. Lunch specials start from 5,50 euro.

Sushi Akimoto Nuremberg |

Tips for Your Trip:

  • You can also order take-out, which seemed to be a popular option during our visit.
  • About the running sushi: During our visit, a large crowd would enter about 10 minutes before the hour to be seated at the running sushi tables on the hour. Call ahead to find out if that is the procedure for the night you visit.
  • The full menu with prices is available at Sushi Akimoto’s website 

Address:Sushi Akimoto Nuremberg |

Fürth Str 244 B., 90429 Nuremberg


daily from 11:30-2:30pm and 5:30pm-11pm
Running Sushi is every day 7-10pm

Reservations (by phone only):


Other things to do in Nuremberg/Nürnberg:

Nuremberg Christmas Market

Nürnberg Frühlingsfest

Zum Gulden Stern – oldest bratwurst restaurant in the world

Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds

Tiergarten Nürnberg (Nuremburg Zoo)

Memorium Nuremberg Trials

Toy Museum (Spielzeugmuseum)

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