NewJoy BabyKidsYoung – Innovative Designer Furniture



I have driven by this store many times and have always thought to myself  “Oh, that must be a really a cute baby store to shop at if I were expecting,” Not realizing that the store is more than just for babies. Since I wasn’t expecting a baby, I didn’t take the time to go inside until recently.  To my surprise, NewJoy is not just a store that specializes in baby furniture; they also offer beautiful kids’ and young adult furniture as well.

From their website:  Newjoy is a brand of Öner Household Appliances, which has been serving since 1986; and it is in the field of making baby, kid and young furniture.  Their mission:  By designing innovative and substantial products that meet the needs of future generations between the ages of 0-24 that “think different” and “want to be different.”


NewJoyThis store has some really thoughtful and well-crafted items.  It’s not a very large store, but they seem to carry good quality products—similar to Pottery Barn Kids & Land of Nod.  You can view their online catalog (in English), where they offer more furniture pieces to choose from than what is on the showroom floor.

NewJoy                           NewJoy

I would highly recommend bringing someone with you who speaks Turkish.  The staff there does not speak English and it would be very difficult to articulate what exactly it is that you wanted and/or arranging the pick-up or delivery of your furniture onto the base.


With my very limited Turkish speaking skills, I was still able to find out the costs of a few furniture pieces just to get an idea of the price range for their furniture. For example, the rocker/glider with footrest cost 750 TL, the fancy crib with three dresser drawers cost about 1775 TL, and the baby bassinette was roughly 600 TL and that included all the bedding.  Prices seemed pretty comparable to what you would pay for good handcrafted baby furniture.


Do I think some things in the store are overpriced for Turkey standards? Sure… however, they also have items that are useful and won’t break the bank, especially with today’s exchange rate. NewJoy is definitely worth a visit especially if you are in the market for beautiful baby/kids furniture!


Hours:  Monday – Sunday, 10:00am – 8:00pm

Address: Dr. Sadık Ahmet Bulvarı NO:65 Çukurova / ADANA, TURKEY 0 322 256 39 40

GPS Coordinates:  37.0457025, 35.25458750000007

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