Camp Lachenwald Girl Scout Camp


Camp Lachenwald  Girl Scout Camp;

S’mores, camping, hikes, campfires…sounds like summer in the states. USA Girl Scouts Overseas-North Atlantic’s Camp Lachenwald offers a summer escape for Girl Scouts currently living in Germany, or anywhere in Europe. Going to camp is any kid’s dream, and it can still be possible while stationed in Germany. Summer camp is an excellent opportunity for girls of all ages. Not only do the girls have tons of fun, but while they are doing so they learn team building skills, leadership skills, make new friends, enjoy the outdoors, and explore. Time spent at camp is invaluable. The friendships and bonds they make are irreplaceable, and the things they learn are important for growth and development.

Camp is also a great opportunity to just be silly, break out of their shell, and have genuine fun. After just a week at camp, your daughter will come home a little more confident, a little more skilled, and a little more grown up. Camp Lachenwald  Girl Scout Camp; Camp Lachenwald has a wide array of programs such as horseback riding, sports, CSI, leadership, acting, cooking, and much more. During the day campers take part in daily routines, activities related to the program they are signed up for, free time, and special programs that are scheduled each day. The campers sleep in platform tents that hold up to 5 girls and the tents are grouped into units that are run by trained counselors.

I have fond memories of my summers at Girl Scout camp back in the states, and as a counselor I enjoy seeing young girls making similar memories. It is just awesome that kids from military communities in Germany can have this opportunity too. Camp may have been something they thought they had to leave behind when they moved to this unfamiliar country. It is always great to find something that reminds you of home, and that’s what camp can be for your Girl Scout.

Camp sessions start July 19, 2015 and end July 25. Each session is from Sunday to Friday. Camp Lachenwald is located near the Ansbach and Illesheim bases.The price of the camp depends on the theme and activities.

USA Girl Scouts Overseas – North Atlantic (USAGSO-NA) is part of Girl Scouts of the USA and is a satellite office of USA Girl Scouts Overseas. Headquartered at Camp Darby (PI) Italy, USAGSO-NA serves American girls of military families and international communities throughout Europe and the Mediterranean. Over 3,400 Girl Scouts and 2,000 adults in nine countries are members of USAGSO-NA.

USAGSO-NA consists of volunteer-led Overseas Committees that provide direct services to girls, the volunteers that work with them, and their local communities. Overseas Communities are located throughout Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Bahrain, Belgium, and Turkey. More information about camp and registration can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Camp Lachenwald Girl Scout Camp

  1. Betsy Motten ("Kip") says:

    I was fortunate to work at Camp Lachenwald at its former, beautiful location in 1973, ’74, and ’79. My summers there were among the most profoundly influential experiences of my life, for which I will be ever grateful. By working there, I grew tremendously in skills, confidence, and creativity, all of which prepared me well for a successful career in teaching. Most significant, however, were the gifts of lasting friendship that I received from working with some of the finest, most capable, enthusiastic, caring, and dedicated staff members of any camp anywhere. In addition, I made good friends with the baker in Holtzhausen and his family, people with whom I have stayed in touch (and visited!) through the years. Our 1973 staff, in particular, has maintained connections since our days at Lachenwald, including having a few reunions along the way. This October, some of us will be gathering in North Carolina (where our camp director/mentor lives) to celebrate our 40th anniversary of working together at “the lager.” People will be coming from all around the country as well as from Finland and the Netherlands. As it is with “camp people”, we’ll just pick up where we left off, enjoying catching up and reminiscing about a special place and our experiences there (and, of course, SINGING plenty!) During this (dismaying!) time when camp programs are being eliminated and camps are being sold in the US, it gives me joy to know that Lachenwald has been “resurrected” in a new location and continues to serve and influence girls and women of all ages. I hope to visit the “new Lachenwald” sometime! (The pictures look lovely.) May its magic touch lives for a long time to come!


  2. Carolyn Blacknall says:

    I went to Camp Lachenwald in 1969. I was 14. I remember the beauty and the views. Now, I am 61. Camp Lachenwald will always be a wonderful memory in my life.


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