Kapadokya Seramik – Stunning Turkish Handcrafted Ceramics


Kapadokya Seramik

Our family went on a trip to Cappadocia for the holidays this past winter.  While we were there we hit up all the tourist attractions: Gerome Outdoor Museums, Underground City, hiked a couple ruins, rode the camels, etc.  We were running out of ideas on what to do next until our hotel concierge suggested we go check out Kapadokya Seramik for a tour and some souvenir shopping.   The hotel called in advance to let them know our fairly large group was heading down to the ceramic store for a tour.

Kapadokya Seramik

Kapadokya Seramik has been in business for many many years. The owners were very gracious and welcoming when we arrived.  They set up a room to give us a private demonstration and talk about how their ceramics & clay pots were made.  Once we sat down, they offered all the adults hot chai and the little ones were served hot apple tea. The kids loved it!

Kapadokya Seramik

Kapadokya Seramik

I was given the opportunity to make my own little ceramic art, which was a lot of fun! Because the pottery process takes quite awhile from start to finish, I was not able to take home my masterpiece, but needless to say I had a fun time making the clay bowl and getting my hands dirty.

Kapadokya Seramik                 Kapadokya Seramik

Kapadokya Seramik                           Kapadokya Seramik

The store is organized and there are tons of pieces to choose from which are all pretty easy to find what it is your looking for. Making a decision on what to buy was the hard part. There is a huge gallery of decorative pieces, which are all for sale. Anything you picked up the piece would really add to any home decor.  For me just browsing around and watching the artisans at work, using a very steady hand to paint each piece is enough in itself. Everything looked so gorgeous and fragile, not to mention the colors used were so vibrant.

Kapadokya Seramik

Towards the middle of our tour, they took us downstairs to this “Very Special Gallery” where they housed attractively unique & super expensive pieces. There is absolutely no photography allowed in this downstairs gallery because they want to avoid any copycats ceramic designs being sold elsewhere. There were ceramics pieces that cost upwards of $2000 to $50k (and that is in US dollars!). My heart skipped a beat every time my three-year-old toddler got away from me while we marveled at these delicate pieces. I couldn’t wait to head back upstairs where it was safe for families of small children to browse.

Kapadokya Seramik is a fantastic place to get some beautiful handcrafted ceramic plates, vases, wall art, teapots and magnets as a gift for you or a loved one. We never felt any pressure from the staff to buy anything – especially the expensive pieces – but of course it was hard not to leave with a little something “unique to Cappadocia” home with us!

Website: www.cappadociaceramic.com

Phone: 0384 511 4088

Payment: Credit Card & TL

Address: Bahceli Evler Mh. Cavusin Yolu, Göreme Yolu, Avanos, Turkey

GPS Coordinates: 38.692688, 34.841647999999964

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