Traditional Bavarian Weisswurst


Bavarians are proud to eat their Weißwurst – a soft white sausage usually eaten for breakfast with a salted pretzel and a glass of beer. There is a saying that the sausages should never hear the chime of the 12 o’clock bells, therefore, they are to be eaten only in the mornings. 

If one is to learn to become a true Bavarian, then one needs to learn to cook, peel and eat a Weißwurst like real Bavarian. Although, when I say eat, I really mean the traditional way. The traditional way, called “zuzeln” is by sucking the wurst out of the skin. But, I will save that for only diehards looking to do things the traditional way. I know my Bavarian family would be ashamed of me for saying this, but I will stick with slicing, peeling and then cutting my Weißwurst into pieces like a normal person. 🙂

No traditional Bavarian Weißwurst is complete without a good beer to go with it. That is, if you’re Bavarian enough to drink a beer with breakfast at 9-10 o’clock in the morning! But please, make sure its a good beer. For the benefit of this blog, I asked my boyfriend to buy us some beer and he came home with one of the less hearty beers he could find available on a Sunday from Norma. 😦 And you definitely need fresh warm pretzels from the bakery in the morning!!

If you’ve ever wanted to make Weißwurst at home, but didn’t know how, here’s whatcha need to do!

buy fresh weisswurst |

boil cook weisswurst |***Here its important to bring it to a boil, but as soon as it starts to bubble, TURN DOWN the notch to low for 20 minutes. You do not want your Weißwurst to burst open!!***

serve weisswurst |www.germanyja.comeat weisswurst |www.germanyja.comslice weisswurst | www.germanyja.comHere its necessary to slice open your Weißwurst so that you can use your knife to peel off the skin. You DO NOT want to eat the skin!! 

Also, serve with Regensburg‘s famous Händlmaier’s süßer Senf brand mustard!

peel weiswurst |

enjoy weisswurst |

California Globetrotter originally posted this recipe on her site and she gladly shares it with us here.

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