We Fell in Love with Prague

CONTRIBUTED BY Royal Little Lambs

HotelUMedvdkBrewery | www.germanyja.comNote: For more information on what to do and where to stay in Prague, please see the links below. This article features a DIY itinerary for a family.

We fell in love with Prague! We love the food, the beer, the architecture.

It’s magical, even in the bitter cold of late November.

Everyone speaks perfect English. Even the little bit of Czech I rushed to learn and the app I downloaded didn’t matter. I didn’t need it.

We arrived Thanksgiving evening.

We stayed at Hotel U Medvídků Brewery. It was absolutely delightful. Complimentary mug of house beer upon check-in! The keys are mini beer barrels. The kids stayed in an amazing loft room. The breakfast buffet was the stuff of dreams.

First night:

We went straight to the bridge.

We trekked across the Charles Bridge several times during our weekend. It’s so beautiful!

Charles Bridge sign | www.germanyja.com

We walked across the bridge since that seemed to be where the crowds were going.

We were cold, tired, and hungry after a long day of being in the car.

We came across the 3+3+3 restaurant and had delightful, simple Czech food – schnitzel, pečená kachna (duck leg), this crazy delicious walnut chicken.

I much prefer Czech cuisine to German! I love the schnitzel and sauerkraut in Prague!

The kids crashed back at the hotel and Aaron and I tried the brew pub at the hotel and went to bed.

Prague is the birthplace of beer.

czech beer |www/germanyja.comI had a lovely special 25th anniversary edition beer (For the 25th anniversary of the Prague Spring). Aaron had the 1466. We didn’t especially care for that one.

Second Day:

We walked across Charles Bridge again in daylight and took lots of pictures of all the saints.

Then we walked back to Old Town Square.

We saw the Astronomical Clock.

St. Charles bridge Astronomical clock Prague | www.germanyja.com

We walked through the Church of Our Lady in front of Týn. It was just gorgeous.

Church of Ou rLady in front of Tn | www.germanyja.com

So much to see in Old Town Square!

I love the Jan Huss monument.Jan Huss Monument Prague | www.germanyja.com

I absolutely LOVED the Jewish Quarter.

We toured museums and synagogues. Pictures weren’t allowed. It was very emotional to see the names of people in the camps during WWII. One room showed an exhibit of children’s art from Terezin. The ancient Jewish cemetery was really interesting.

The clock is in Hebrew and moves backwards:

Hebrew Clock Prague |www.germanyja.com

The synagogue where the Golem legend began. The girls loved the windows and said the building looks like it’s watching us:

Old New Synagogue windows | www.germanyja.com

We had a lovely meal at Café Lamberty. The best spinach soup ever!

Spinach Soup at Cafe Lamberty |www.germanyja.com

Brewery and Restaurant U Fleka Prague | www.germanyja.comWe took a rest in the afternoon. We walked a lot and were so exhausted. We ventured back out. It got dark about 4:30, so that didn’t help our bodies feel very awake.

e dropped the kids off at the hotel and ordered them some dinner from the restaurant.

Then we took off to explore.

Aaron and I absolutely loved the Pivovar U Fleků. We sat in the Velký sál (Large Hall).

They leave a little tab on the table and mark it with how many beers and shots you get. Good thing we walked!

I had beer cheese. It was ah-may-zing!

Aaron and I wandered around Wenceslas Square and admired the Christmas market and statue of St. Wenceslas.St. Wenceslas Prague |www.germanyja.com

Last day:

We took the trolley up to Prague Castle. We were much more cheerful without having to hike all that way.

St. Vitus is breathtaking.

St. Vitus Cathedral Prague | www.germanyja.com


Lennon Wall Prague| www.germanyja.comThe lighting was so dim inside the palaces and some didn’t allow photography.

The kids loved the armory and The Golden Lane. We bought some lovely Christmas ornaments as souvenirs.

We got off the trolley at St. Nicholas church. Kate and I really loved the graffiti at the Lennon Wall.

We had fancy traditional Bohemian food at the Pension U Tri Houslicek (The Three Fiddles). Liz got lamb and I got venison. Tori got the delectable Svickova na smetane (Beef in Sour Cream Sauce).

Pension U Tri Houslicek |www.germanyja.com

After we dropped the kids off to bed, Aaron and I found Kafka.

Franz Kafka statue Prague | www.germanyja.com

Then we trekked down to see the Powder Gate. We found the Café de Paris.

Loved the art deco and history at Café de Paris! I imagined I was chatting with artists and writers.

Cafe de Paris, Prague | www.germanyja.com

We did a lot in a weekend! I’d love to go back and see more. And eat.

The kids talk about going back to Prague in the summer. We all just loved it and made wonderful memories!

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Note: Royal Little Lambs first published this article on their site and happily shared it with Germany Ja!


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