Gmarket Online Marketplace- The Korean eBay or Amazon


Songtan- Gmarket- home page- sibo lungu

If you are military affiliated, then you are luck in that you can still use eBay, Amazon and several other shopping websites. The only problem is that shipping takes at least a week, and sometimes you just want your stuff a lot sooner. Other times, you just wish you could find what you need locally.

Gmarket is a Korean online marketplace that sells just about everything. And when I say everything, I mean everything! Just take a look at the categories:

Songtan- Gmarket- categories-sibo lungu

And that isn’t even the best part. If you live off base, you can have your purchases at your doorstep in two days! Yep, just two days from the time you click “Buy” to the time the doorbell rings. It’s awesome. My friend had her brand new treadmill delivered in 2 days!

Prices are quoted in both won and dollars, and you can pay with your US credit or debit card. Many items ship for free to Korea.

The question of quality is a reasonable concern, and the answer to that – like anything else – is that it varies. They have brand name items like Adidas, Toms, Gerber, L’Oréal, KitchenAid, etc. The list goes on. If you are looking for a specific brand, just enter it in the search textbox.

Brand name items cost close to the retail price you’d pay elsewhere. But you also have many local products and other brands I have never heard of that are sometimes lower in cost. Warm leather “Made in Korea” winter boots can be as low as $20. It’s worth scanning through the pages to find the deals. Colorful gel nail polishes are my thing this spring, and they are a lot cheaper on here than in the local cosmetics stores.

Below are a sampling of the things you can find on there.


Songtan- Gmarket- kitchenware-sibo lungu

Maternity items:

Songtan- Gmarket- maternity-sibo lungu


Songtan- Gmarket- shoes- sibo lungu


Songtan- Gmarket- jeans-sibo lungu

Pet Supplies:

Songtan- Gmarket- pets-sibo lungu


 Have you shopped through Gmarket before? What about other Korean websites?

Tell us your thoughts!

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