Shoe Alley in Dongdaemun


Mama Needs New Shoes!

Alright ladies, who among us has never uttered those words, even if only as a joke? I once threatened my husband that I was going to put that on a cake for his promotion instead of “Congratulations”… Tee hee!

Well, if you ARE into shoes… LOTS of shoes… have I got the place for you!

Shoe Alley in Dongdaemun! Yes, just like there is a museum for everything, there is a shopping alley for everything.

Located not too far from the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Shoe Alley is just that: an alley full of shoes for kids and adults. I should stop here to say that if you have large feet (women size 9 or higher) sorry, you are out of luck. Womens shoe sizes generally stop at an American size 8 here.  I wear a size 10 shoe so the first time I went, I was along for the ride with a friend who was looking for something specific for her kids. I was just curious to see this famous shoe alley and, of course, any market experience is bound to be interesting.

I was not disappointed!

We started here, in the outdoor portion near Dongdaemun station exit 7:

Shoe Alley

(photo by Kelly Gambrell)

To get here, come out of Dongdaemun train station, exit 7. Do a U-turn, then walk straight until you see this alley on your left. If you get to the crossing of the Cheonggycheon stream, you have gone too far.

This section is only the beginning! You will see little aisles off to the left side down this strip, leading you into a building with about 4 more floors of shoes. If you stay in this section, at the end jag a little to the right, and that will take you into a different building with 3 more floors of shoes. It is a crazy maze, but you have to go at least once! Even if you are like me and can’t wear any of the shoes, just go to see the insane amount of shoes and styles.

If you have little ones, you are really in luck. I messaged these pictures to a friend here who is mom of boy/girl twin 1 yr olds and said “YOU HAVE TO COME TO SHOE ALLEY!” Seriously, how cute are these little sets?!

Shoe Alley     Shoe Alley

While I was busy oohing and aahing over the adorable kid sets, my friend Kelly was snapping pics over cute adult sets!

Shoe Alley Shoe Alley

(photos by Kelly Gambrell)

What are you waiting for? Go check it out! Happy shoe shopping!

Directions: To get here, take Dongdaemun train station to exit 7; do a U-turn then walk straight until you see the alley on your left

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