Old Adana Scarf Shop


scarf shop
A few months ago I wrote about a sewing store in Old Adana called Ozlem. And in the article that I wrote, I mentioned briefly that there was a scarf store right near the sewing store. But I thought just mentioning that there is a scarf store might not entice you enough to visit this store – so maybe a few photos and a bit more information might get you to visit this awesome shop!


scarf shop              scarf shop

This store is not very large at all. When I bring my children and stroller I usually have to leave them at the front of the store while browsing through the scarves in the back. But because it’s a small store, they are never but a few feet away. There are different price points for the scarves – the scarves in the front of the store on a round rack are the ‘bargain’ scarves for about 5TL. Along the walls in the store, the scarves on the bottom racks are 10-15TL (I find that the price changes a little every time I visit depending on who is running the store that day) and the scarves on the middle and top racks are 20TL and up. The quality of the scarves are really nice and a very exceptional bargain. Whenever I’m in the area, I love to stock up on a few to send home as gifts to friends and family.

scarf shop              scarf shop

scarf shop

I love this little alleyway of shops because the parking is so easy and accessible, unlike other parts of Adana. In New Adana, I still haven’t quite got the hang of parking or found that ‘go-to’ spot. It’s always a ‘park whenever, wherever as soon as you find a spot.’ But in Old Adana, it seemed at first an unlikely place to have guaranteed parking in a great location, but this Otopark near the Catholic church has never failed me yet. And for 5-6TL, it’s a great deal for a great launching point into Old Adana.

If you really do not feel comfortable leaving your car in this Otopark (handing over the keys seems daunting, but my car has always been handled with care, without a scratch), you could always park at the Hilton Hotel parking lot and walk about a mile over the old Roman bridge and down the fabric street. Parking at the Hilton Hotel is 5TL for 1-2 hours. It all depends on your comfort level and time constraints.




Payment: TL is best

Hours: The store hours were not posted, but I arrived at 10:00am and they were open.

Address: Tepebağ Mh., Nalbant Halil Sokak, 01000 Adana, Turkey

Directions: Drive down the Fabric Street and take a right at the first traffic light you see. The traffic light is often hard to spot due to it being right next to a Dolmus stop. So as soon as you see a bunch of Dolmus stopped the right side of the road, start looking for the traffic light. So take that right, and then about ¼ mile look for Turkmengolu’s orange exterior on the right and then take a left into the Otopark (for extra assurance, put these coordinates into your GPS: 36.987610, 35.326503). Once you park, walk north on Cemal Gursel Cd and take your first left into a little alley way. The shop will be about half way down the street on your left. The shop is on Nalbant Halil Sk, but I do not remember seeing a street sign.

Coordinates: 36.987842, 35.325936

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