Random in Korea: Stairs


One of the first things you will realize once you move to Korea and do any amount of walking is that there are a ton of stairs here.   When I had the idea of writing this blog post, I envisioned myself coming up with some kind of cute little Dr. Seuss-ish poem/story about stairs. My creative juices either aren’t flowing very well, or I am just so done with stairs, because this is what I came up with:


They are everywhere.

The end.

Pretty sure no publisher will pick that up, even with the best of illustrations.

Seriously though, there are stairs everywhere here in Korea.

On hillsides: (that silver line on the left side – yup, stairs)

random in korea stairs-003

On hikes (I was less than thrilled about this set which would take us up to Seoul Tower, after having climbed about 3 other sets previous to this one on this particular hike):

random in korea stairs-004

At scenic tourist spots (this was coming up from the Suwon Fortress palace, and this picture does not do justice to how many stairs there were here. )

random in korea stairs-002

Sometimes you have to carry a pretty big load up stairs here. If you look closely, you can see on the right hand side there is a spot for you to roll your bike up the stairs. Something my friend and I didn’t notice until AFTER we carried our bikes up and looked at this picture later.

random in korea stairs

If you have a stroller, make sure you have a friend along on all of your adventures because you may not always be able to find an elevator!

random in korea stairs-001

Don’t let this scare you or dampen your spirits though. Just make sure to put on sensible shoes, head out, and be ready to work those legs and glutes …….and always look for a way around the stairs…especially when crossing a busy street here. Most of the time you can find an above ground crosswalk rather than go underground which involves coming back up using stairs! Ha!

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