Wood District Bench Maker/Outdoor Furniture



My first purchase in Turkey, other than a Turkish snack, was an outdoor patio set. The days in the summer here in Turkey are sweltering, but once the sun goes down, it is the perfect time to relax out on the patio with friends. (Okay, maybe you don’t agree that it is the perfect time or that there is anything good about summer days in Turkey, but we came from Texas where it was 100+ degrees, even at midnight, so I was just excited that the temps do come down with the sun).

bookshelf1Because we came from the land of perpetual heat, we rarely went outside to relax or sit with friends, so we did not have any patio furniture. While eating dinner one day at Bol Kepce (post coming soon!) in the Wood/Furniture district, I noticed a guy in the shop next door making benches. I soon learned that Davud (pronounced Da-vood) could not only make us a bench, but also a table, ottoman, bookshelves etc. I was ecstatic! By trade, he is a benchmaker, so he will make you bookshelves, tables, etc, but his specialty is in benchmaking. The wood he uses is a light pine, so I’m planning to either paint it or stain it with an outdoor coating once we return to the states. The bookshelves he makes are very basic – nothing eccentric or detailed. (The photo below is a stock photo, but it is similar to what I am having him build.)


The prices were extremely reasonable as well, and he will barter with you. We paid about 220TL for a sectional bench, and an additional 150TL for a table, chair and foot rest. He will also coat the wood in light shellac for about 20TL extra. Prices vary, depending on the size and complexity, but as I mentioned, the prices are very reasonable.


This shop is very easy to access and very close to the base. Once you take a right on to the D400, take a left at the first traffic light, and then drive a few blocks until you see Bol Kepce. Davud’s shop will be unmarked right next to the restaurant. Park out front, wherever you find a spot.


And because Davud is a one-man operation, his days and hours vary. Typically he is there 10am to sundown. On Saturdays, depending on his work load, he is there until 1-2pm. Turn around time is usually very quick. For our entire patio set, he had it ready in 4 days! He does not speak much English, but he really wants to help you get exactly what you want, so he has a Turkish-to-English dictionary in his shop. Bring photos and idea of your dimensions (according to the metric system).

Hours:  days vary, but typically 9/10am until sundown. Closed Sundays. Early closing on Saturday.

Payment: TL only

Address: Güzelevler Mh., Keresteciler Sitesi, 2064. Sokak (74. Sk.), 01220 Adana

GPS Coordinates: 36.9813989, 35.4004271

3 thoughts on “Wood District Bench Maker/Outdoor Furniture

  1. Emily says:

    Just a note…I made the cushions myself (fabric and filling from the fabric district) But I bet you could get cushions made out in the alley or ask Davud what he recommends!


  2. Tuti says:

    Thanks for writing this up and posting it! I am definitely going there to get patio furniture made before we PCS. I’m excited to take a little piece of Turkey back with me! 🙂


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