Need a Used Bike? Places to Find One Around the KMC


Fahrrad Bike | www.germanyja.comAre you looking to buy a secondhand bicycle but don’t know where to start? With several different options in the vicinity of the Kaiserslautern Military Community and beyond, you can soon be on your way, pedaling into the sunset on a new-to-you bike.

One can choose to find bikes for sale online or at events such as bike markets. To find bikes online for sale locally, search various websites, such as:

With subsites near major US military installations in Germany, one can often find bikes for sale. The site is primarily used by Americans so one does not need to know German to use it.

This is a subset of the eBay, which allows individuals to post ads. The site is in German but with the help of Google Translate, one can find a good deal.

Fahrrad Markt Bike Market | www.germanyja.comLocal Facebook Groups

Search for groups that combine the name of your area + terms like “yard sales,” “garage sales, “sales,” etc. In Facebook, there are many selling groups near military communities. The bonus is that you can post that you’re searching for a bike.

Fahrrad Markt

To shop a huge selection and to have the opportunity to take a test ride in one place, consider attending a Fahrrad Markt (bike market). These markets are usually sponsored by an organization, such as the ADFC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club) or a charity. Individuals can drop off bikes and the organization undertakes the task of selling the bike, eliminating the need for the owner to stay all day. In exchange, the organization receives a percentage of the sale.

Visitors to the sale have the opportunity to view many bikes. It’s even possible to take a test ride on a bike of interest; doing so requires leaving behind identification as collateral.

In Kaiserslautern, Terre des Hommes sponsors a sale that occurs in the spring, usually around the beginning of May. It’s held in the courtyard just to the west of the Volkshochschule, at the corner of Kanal and Spittel Strasse. This year’s sale will occur on May 9 from 1100-1300. The Terre des Hommes website.

In Saarbrücken, which is an hour west of Kaiserslautern, there is a bike market once a month from April until September. It occurs at Tbilisser Platz, which is adjacent to the Alte Brücke. Out of the markets listed, this is the largest one. During the May market in 2014, there were approximately 100 bikes for sale, with a large and varied selection. Past offerings have included folding bicycles, tandem bicycles, children’s and adults’ bicycles, and accessories such as bike wagons and baskets. An added bonus of attending this sale is that there is often a general flea market happening across the river where one can buy general items. The Saarbrücken bike sale website.

The closest place to park is a block away at the parking garage:
Q-Park Staatstheater
Schillerplatz 1
66111 Saarbrücken

Using these resources, the cost-conscious bicycle enthusiast can find a good deal. Enjoy the ride!

Fahrrad Markt Bike Market | www.germanyja.comTips for the bike sales:

  1. Bring cash to buy the bike of your choice.
  2. Bring a helmet for the test ride.
  3. Do some shopping online first to make sure you are getting a decent price. Sometimes the bike markets don’t offer the best price.
  4. Check the bike over carefully, testing that everything works, such as gears, lights, etc. The majority of the sales are non-refundable.

Note: Click on the first photo for credit; both of the others are credited to the author. 

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