Gayret Restaurant—Kusadasi, Turkey


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Planning a mini vacation to Kusadasi (in Izmir) or just making a little pit stop to get on the ship for your dream Greek Island cruise adventure?

The port of Kusadasi is known as “Ege Port” or “Scala Nuova” which means the new port. It is located right in the downtown area. It is an easy walk to multiple restaurants, shopping, and even a Turkish bazaar.

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After spending the day at the beach in Kusadasi, our family was hungry! We walked around the port and came across Gayret Restaurant. The beautiful aquarium in the back of the restaurant intrigued our daughter, so we decided to give it a try. This restaurant, located right in the center of the port’s plaza is a bit fancier than some of the other ones and the prices reflect that; although, for deliciously fresh seafood it was well worth it.

gayret restaurant

Seafood was not the only thing on the menu. You can definitely order your typical Turkish entrees like grilled kebaps, hummus, pasta dishes, and a mixture of different kinds of salads. Something for everyone!


The staffs are incredibly nice and the service was great. Our waiter sat us out on the patio facing the main plaza. He set us up with drinks and warm French bread because the kids were starving. He gave us a few fish recommendations on what was caught earlier that morning and brought to the restaurant, so you know it was super fresh. There is also a fish market nearby in the plaza. For a small fee (8TL per kilo), you can actually purchase fish from the market and Gayret restaurant will clean and cook it for you.

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We started off with some appetizers: fried calamari (20TL), baked octopus soaked in garlic butter (25TL), spicy shrimp scampi (25TL). Can you tell the adults were starving too?! Everything was so scrumptious! I used our warm French bread to soak up the tasty garlic butter—so good!


For our main course, I ordered the grilled sea bass (30TL) and my husband order the deep fried hamsi (sardines) served with tarter sauce (15TL). I am sure deep fried sardines doesn’t sound very appealing, but trust me it was so flavorful and satisfying! My love for eating fresh fish was proven when I showed our friends that I could debone my fish without the waiters help. Not one ounce of fish gone to waste! Hahaha…

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This was a great restaurant to go to for good food and people watching when you are hungry or have some time to kill while visiting Kusadasi.

Gayret Restaurant

Menus: Lunch, Dinner, Happy Hour

Payment: Credit Cards, TL and Euro


Outdoor Seating Available

Phone: +90 256 614 7700


 Address: Kusadası Balıkcılar Meydanı (Liman Caddesi), 09400 Aydın, Turkey

Google Coordinates: 37.8612694, 27.257675999999947

2 thoughts on “Gayret Restaurant—Kusadasi, Turkey

  1. Dave says:

    I went to this restaurant today based on your blog post. It was amazing! Just dropping by again to say thanks for the awesome recommendation 🙂


  2. Tuti says:

    I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed eating Gayret. Isn’t it a great restaurant? I wish I could go back there just to eat their delicious garlic butter octopus! Thank you for reading and keeping up with Turkey Tamam!! 🙂


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