Hanging Out On The Han


One of my very favorite places to go to walk, run, bike, or just hang out, is the Han River.   There is so much to do there!

To get to the Han from Yongsan, I typically go out either the Commissary gate or the Visitor’s Gate. From the Commissary gate, turn right, and then go straight, over the hill, and down (there are stairs at the bottom of that hill on the right, or a ramp on the left depending on whether you are on foot or on a bike). That takes you right to the Banpo Bridge (the one with the fountain show in the spring/summer).

From the Visitor’s Gate, if you are on foot, go into Ichon exit 1 (by the City Park Apts), come out exit 4, and go straight til you get to the river. If you’re pushing a little one in a stroller, go down the elevator at exit 2; cross over to exit 3-1 to take the elevator back up, and then go around to the right. You’ll come to the exit 4 entrance of the subway and at that point, go left and continue straight on down to the river.


There are other ways to get there, and if you get a little lost in the city wherever you are trying to find the river, just look for a “Hangang Park” sign…that will point you in the right direction!


Either way listed above, it’s about a 5 minute walk from the gate to the river. Once you get to the river, take a right or a left, and enjoy the serenity of a quiet space in the city. It’s actually pretty amazing how quiet and peaceful it is down there!

There are nice wide paved paths for running, biking, or pushing a stroller.


Need to make a pitstop for a snack or restroom break? No problem! You’ll find convenience stores and restroom trailers all along the path!



Do the kids need a break from riding in the stroller? Stop at one of the many playgrounds and give them a chance to play and stretch their legs!


Walking & running not enough exercise for ya? There are plenty of workout stations for more exercising!



If you want to do a loop and span both sides of the river, never fear! There are pedestrian lanes on the bridges for a safe & easy passage. Also, most of the bridges have both stairs and an elevator or ramp for easy access on foot or biking!


There are also places like this little beach to just hang out and let the kids play!


All of this (and more!) is waiting for you on the Han! Head out and have fun!

*The above photos were all taken on the span of the river between the Banpo Bridge and the Ichon Area. In other areas of the river, there is just as much to do. Yeouido Hangang Park is another popular area! To access that park, head to Yeouinaro train station, and take exit 2 or 3. You can also bike to Yeouido from Yongsan on the Han. Truly, you can’t go wrong anywhere on the Han!

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