Bremen Marktplatz


Bremen | www.germanyja.comAfter living in Germany for over a year, I can’t believe it took me so long to visit the historic city of Bremen!


I went there for my birthday and (unfortunately for me) it was also the day Werder Bremen played Bayern München in the Weserstadion. So my nice, relaxing stroll through the city streets was accompanied by thousands of mostly drunk football fans making their way to the stadium. My boyfriend is also a huge Werder Bremen fan, so my whining fell on deaf ears. We walked to the Weserstadion because, according to him, I just had to see it in all its beauty. Admittedly, it was impressive, and it is located on the Weser river, so we had a nice view as we ate a Bratwurst surrounded by throngs of people. Absolutely a must see for any Werder Bremen fans!

stadthalle bremen | Roland Bremen | www.germanyja.comThe following day, the city had calmed down and I finally got my nice stroll through Bremen. We started at the UNESCO listed Town Hall, which is breathtaking. We visited on a Sunday afternoon, so we had missed the guided tours, but they are offered several times Monday to Saturday, and twice on Sunday mornings.

Right near the Town Hall is St. Peter’s Cathedral. The church’s facade is impressive, with its two towers dominating the city skyline. It is open every day of the week from April until October and for only 1.00€ you can climb one of the towers and see all of Bremen. I didn’t have enough time to go in, but there is also a nice garden where you can enjoy cake and coffee.

The Marktplatz also has some beautiful old building and the Roland Statue, built in 1404.

From here, it is just a short walk to the medieval Schnoor quarter where you can find some of the best souvenirs and boutique shops in the city (which are open on a Sunday!). I bought a tiny ship in a bottle for only 3€

Bremen Town Musicians, or ‘Bremer Stadtmusikanten’| www.germanyja.comOf course, a visit to Bremen wouldn’t be complete without seeing one of the most famous attractions: the statue of the Bremen Town Musicians, or ‘Bremer Stadtmusikanten’. This is a bronze statue from 1951 based on the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. It is located right outside Unser Lieben Frauen Kirchhof, which runs along the western side of the town hall. You are supposed to grab on to the legs of the donkey or rub his nose to make wishes come true!bremen cathedral |

The Marktplatz is the focal point of the city and all the main attractions and magnificent architecture is located within here.


Bremen Market Square Website

The Marktplatz website has information including opening hours, admission prices and public transport options for the sites mentioned above and many more.


Marktstraße 28195 Bremen

Public Transportation:

The easiest way to reach Marktplatz is with tram 2 or 3 (stop Obernstrasse).

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