Jump! Live Show




I just love how accessible live shows are here in Seoul! One in particular that interested us is “Jump!” because it is martial arts based, and our son took 2 years of martial arts during our time on Yongsan.

The shows are nonverbal, mostly music and dance based, but very easy to understand and very entertaining. There are a few lines spoken in the shows, some English, some Korean, but the language is not a barrier at all in enjoying the show. I tell people that it is kind of like watching Tom & Jerry cartoons; there’s no language, but you understand what’s happening, right?!

During Spring Break I took my son to see the show with two other friends and their sons. We purchased tickets through the USO on Camp Kim. I highly recommend this, because the prices are pretty heavily discounted. The price we paid was significantly less than the price listed on the ticket, and we had great seats. Only about five rows back!


The Jump Theater is located in the Kyunghyang art hill building, not far from the Seoul Museum of History & Gwanghwamun Square.  It is very easy to find, and you can find more specific directions online, or when you purchase tickets from the USO, they send you directions and a map.

No photos are allowed during the performances, but there are photo ops at the theater.

I recommend this show if you and/or your children are interested in a high energy, martial arts based show! There were a few parts that were borderline risqué, but as with everything else like that in Korea, it was presented in a funny, innocent way. My son (age 9, almost 10) never said a word about those parts when we were talking about the show later, so I’m not even sure he caught them!

Overall, we loved it and I’d recommend it to anyone!

For more on the show, and to see show times, check the website.

Pro Tip: According to the website above this show will play through the end of 2015, so go see it while you can!

Address: Kyunghyang Daily News Bldg., 3, Jeongdong-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

GPS Coordinates: 37.5669379, 126.97079120000001

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