Little Baja Restaurant, Itaewon


Last weekend, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, a friend and I found ourselves wandering around Itaewon on search of a great, inexpensive lunch. Itaewon is fabulous for international cuisine and one of my favourite places to go when looking for non-Korean meals.

We found ourselves walking into this slightly bigger than a ‘hole in the wall’ restaurant named Little Baja. How have I not known about this Mexican treasure before now?! With only 3 food items, the menu is short, sweet, and utterly delicious.

Little Baja

Between us, we tried everything on the menu and nothing disappointed. The tacos are all handmade and made to order. After a 5-10 minute wait we were guzzling down DELICIOUS tacos. My favourite was definitely the shrimp with each taco having 3 or 4 chunky battered shrimp, but the other 2 came a close joint second. Each came topped with a hearty amount of salad, salsa, and a wonderful pico de gallo. I was full after 2 but my friend managed to make 4 disappear; although I’m convinced he persevered through the last one just so as not to waste such taco goodness.


Little Baja

Also on the menu were horchata, sangria, and a trio of local and imported beers. The horchata was smooth, cinnamony deliciousness and the sangria packed a punch and left us a little tipsy on our walk home.

Little Baja

If you’re craving some authentic Mexican treats, do yourself a favor and stop by here next time you’re in Itaewon.

Little Baja Restaurant, Itaewon


Hours: closed Mondays. Tuesdays – Thursdays: 11.30-9. Friday – Saturday: 11.30-10. Sunday: 12-8.

Payment: cash and card accepted.

Phone: 010-4603-9911

Facebook Page

Address: 74-18 Itaewon-dong. 이태원동 74-18, 용산구, Seoul, Korea

GPS Coordinates: 37.542454, 126.98983099999998

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