Cupcakes Torta



Forget those Georgetown Cupcake girls… the real deal is right here in New Adana.

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Cupcakes Torta is another one of those places I had heard about through the grapevine, and I had to check it out so I could let the TurkeyTamam masses know all the details.


IMAG9537    IMAG9536

It is actually located just a few doors down from Tiko Burger, and next to a great shop called English Home (they have one of these shops at the Optimum Mall, but this one is 2 stories and has twice the merchandise!).

IMAG9535     IMAG9541

My first impression walking into the cupcake shop was that this place cannot be real. I do not use this type of language very frequently, but here goes: it is absolutely adorable! Seriously, it is the cutest place I have ever been in hands down. Everything is bright and colorful and happy – and I haven’t even told you about the cupcakes yet!


I decided to just try one cupcake on this visit – I chose a chocolate cupcake with an orange frosting and filling and a dark chocolate candy on top. I normally do not like a lot of frosting on my cupcake because it is usually too sugary and over the top, but the folks at Cupcake Torta have the entire cupcake package down to a science. It’s delicious.

IMAG9538     IMAG9544

The cupcakes are 5TL each, and the other desserts (you see the photos…I’m going back to try them as soon as possible!) are in the 5-10TL price range. They also make beautiful cakes to order, and serve just about every coffee drink known to man.


Cupcakes Torta



Hours: 10am-9pm, daily

Payment: TL or Credit card

Address: Kurtuluş Mh. 64019 Sk. (Atatürk Cd.), 01130 Adana, Turkey

GPS Coordinates: 37.001592, 35.321854

Parking options are similar to Tiko Burger. There are a few spots for Cupcakes Torta in front of the shop, but if these aren’t available, park anywhere you can find a spo,t including parking on Ataturk Street (anywhere you can find a spot) or I like to park over near Bonjour on Toros Cad and walk about ¼ mile. 

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