Adana Yelkin Restaurant & Yacht Club


Yelken Yacht Club

As we head into beautiful warm weather here in Adana, it’s the perfect time for you to venture your way out to the lake in Adana! Yelken Restaurant serves an array of Turkish food & seafood during the week, but we decided to go for their Turkish breakfast served only on Saturdays. Breakfast with a fantastic lake view, who could resist? Keep in mind: the restaurant is closed on Sundays!


Yelken is fairly easy to find. It is located just before you reach Guney Marina Restaurant as you are driving along the lake.

Yelken Yacht Club-005 Yelken Yacht Club-001

I’ll start off with the environment—this place is located along the scenic views of the Adana reservoir. As you walk into the restaurant, there is so much character with its chick yellow and grey furniture. I got excited when I saw the indoor playroom for the kids. This only meant the kids can play while the adults ate peacefully. Score!

Yelken Yacht Club-003                Yelken Yacht Club-004

Our servers were fabulous and very attentive to our needs. We have been told that their weekend Turkish breakfast is very popular, so I would recommend coming early if you’re hoping to skip the wait time. We arrived around 9:00am and by 9:30am the place was starting to fill up! Especially on a beautiful day and the weather is gorgeous, everyone wanted to be seated outside on the patio where you can soak in the beautiful views & sunshine.

Yelken Yacht Club-002

Pricing is pretty reasonable for Turkish breakfast. Adults cost 30 TL per person and kids under the age of 6 eat FREE! Everything in the pictures is included and unlimited. Basically a buffet meal, but you’ll never have to leave your seat for more food!

Yelken Yacht Club-006

Rasmazan, the head chef, stopped by to see if we were happy with our meal. He used to cook at a 5 star hotel in Kuwait before coming here to Turkey. Yelken is not only a restaurant, but it’s also connected to a Yacht Club. If you are into rowing or would like to learn more about it, you can take rowing lessons at the yacht club. I am not sure what the costs are, but I am sure if you called the restaurant they can tell you.

Yelken Yacht Club-007

However, if you’re looking for a fantastic place to eat and relax, I recommend giving Yelkin a try. It is worth the 25-minute drive out to the lake from base!

Adana Yelken Restaurant & Yacht Club


Phone: 0 322 234 4242


Payment: Credit Cards & TL

Open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch & dinner


Reservations: Yes

Menus: Brunch, Lunch, Dinner

Drinks: Cocktails, Beer & Wine

Wi-Fi: Yes


Address: Karslılar Mh., 82070. Sokak, 01000 Adana/Adana, Turkey

GPS Coordinates: 37.063127, 35.302454

2 thoughts on “Adana Yelkin Restaurant & Yacht Club

  1. Alex C. says:

    We had a great lunch at the Yacht Club. The staff was very nice and super helpful. The head chief came over to get our order personally and then came back to see how our meal was after we finished. The fish was some of the best we have had in Turkey. The location was very easy to find. When we arrived they parked our car and we walked down to the restaurant. I highly reccomend the club for a nice afternoon or breakfast if you are looked my for something a little more upscale. They have a playground for the kids and they were happy to give my son bread to feed the ducks. We will be back to try their breakfast. They are open Saturday and Sunday.


  2. Local Manager says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We are happy to hear that you had an enjoyable meal and great service at Adana Yelkin Restaurant!


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