Europa Park


Europa Park | www.germanyja.comEuropa Park in Rust, South West Germany, has been voted the country’s number one theme park and after a day trip with a group of friends, it’s clear to me why! Europa Park is an easy 2 hour 15 minute drive from Ramstein AB or around 3 hours from Spangdahlem. From Stuttgart the trip is about 2 hours as well.


Whether you’re a group of adrenaline junkies or a family with young children, Europa Park caters for all. The place is huge, covering a staggering 90 hectares! You’ll be hard pushed to see everything in one day, though it is definitely possible. We arrived at 10am and at closing time but did manage to check off every attraction on our list!

europa park| www.germanyja.comThe park is subdivided into 15 different European countries with the decor and food in a style ubiquitous with each chosen country (think crepes in France, wurst in Germany, fish and chips in UK etc.)

Europa Park map|www.germanyja.comUpon entering the park, there are free maps in English to help guide yourself around. The maps are useful in identifying which attractions are child-friendly and which have restrictions etc. One thing I particularly loved was the short waiting time for the rides with the average wait around 10-15 minutes. Now we didn’t go in the peak summer season but I actually preferred our mild and slightly drizzly weather..if you plan on using the water rides it doesn’t make much difference what the weather is! (Note: there are stand in dryers you can use for €1 dotted around the park if you don’t fancy a soggy drive home!).

Europa Park roller coasterThe park hosts a number of high octane roller coasters, like the Silver Star and Blue Fire, a 4D cinema, flight simulator, water rides, beautiful parks and open green spaces, playgrounds and even a children’s theatre! All included in the price of the ticket. Overall it was a fantastic day out and I’d recommend it to just about anybody!

 You can bring your own food and drink in. We brought some food and ate it on a picnic table there. 

Europa Park website

Europa Park Entrance| www.germanyja.comPrice:

Children under 4: free.
Children 4-11: €37
Children on their birthday (up to 12th birthday): free!
Adults: €42,50
Adults 60+: €37

2 day tickets are also available.


Driving is really the only option to visit Europa Park.

The GPS address is:

Europa-Park-Strasse 2,
77977 Rust, Germany.

Opening hours:

Summer season runs from 28th March to 8th November 2015 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Open until at least 8 pm during main season (30/07 – 13/09/2015).

Winter season runs from 28th November 2015 until 10th january 2016, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily (On New Year’s Eve open until 6.30 pm).

Note: Click on the photos of Poseidon and the roller coaster for photo credit. All other photo credit to the author. 




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