Photo of the Week: Neckarwiese Heidelberg


This weeks photo of the week is from contributor Jessica and shows the Neckar River in Heidelberg.

Nekar Heidelberg, Germany | www.germanyja.comJust a short walk from Altstadt, across the bridge, is a small boat rental store. Here you can rent boats by the hour and boat around on the river. They rent out pedal boats or motor boats, the pedal boats are great if you missed leg day- just don’t plan on any big walking trips afterwards.

The Neckarwiese is a great place to relax after a day of sight seeing. If you plan ahead, there are designated grill zones along the grass, but most people just pack picnics. The wiese also has a large playground and a couple volleyball courts.

Check out Germany Ja’s article about Heidelberg Altstadt to find out more to do in Heidelberg.

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