Bad Wildbad Baumwipfelpfad (Treetop walk)


photo 8Want to be eye level with trees in the Black Forest, scan the horizon with no obstructions at 40 meters high then slide your way back down? All of this is possible at the newly built Baumwipfelpfad nestled in the quaint down of Bad Wildbad.

Bad Wildbad Baumwipfelpfad (Treetop walk) Germany | www.germanyja.comThe wooden structure of the treetop walk and the tower was completed in September 2014. It’s a beautiful walk to the ticket counter to begin your journey.

There are two options to reach the top of the hill either by car or by Sommerbergbahn, Baden Württembergs highest funicular railway. A family ticket for the funicular and ticket to the treetop walk is 35 euros for 2 adults and 2 children (ages 6-14 years old). Although the Baumwipfelpfad closes at 7:30p, the last funicular will depart at 8:45p.

I took my two children—ages 5 and 9 on a whim after school. We didn’t know what to expect but we were blown away! I looked over the website to see what we were in for but I never imagined the “walk” that they described (I assumed it was all trail walks until you reach the tower) was literally tree level. We scanned the trees for mushrooms, birds, nests and other interesting facts that the information panels described were native to the area. As you stop at these informational pit-stops, there are also mini-balance courses for all ages.

Bad Wildbad Baumwipfelpfad (Treetop walk) Germany | www.germanyja.comBad Wildbad Baumwipfelpfad (Treetop walk) Germany | www.germanyja.comI have to admit I have a slight fear of heights and these wooden and metal steps that we had to step on had only heavy duty wire below to show you how far you actually are. If you’re afraid of heights like I am, don’t look down! My kids had a blast and zoomed through the courses. As you continue walking, random metal plates on top of the wooden railing will show you how high you’re currently at. I stopped at one to admire the view at 19 meters. Breathtakingly beautiful. I actually asked the kids to walk slower just to take it all in. Even though we went on the German Father’s Day, it actually wasn’t crowded. It’s spread out in a manner that you don’t feel like you’re bumping into one another. The walkway leading to the tower is quite wide. Strollers and wheelchairs will have absolutely no issues navigating the walk, tower and trails on the way back.

After having as much fun as we could playing around the balance courses, the 40 meter tall wooden tower came into view. It was a sight to see! In the middle of the circular tower is a spiraled aluminum slide for anyone age 6+ can enjoy. If you decide to take the slide down after viewing everything above, have 2 euros handy to pay the attendant and have fun! My daughter loves thrill rides and this one she wasn’t going to pass up. It’s located about 2-3 levels down from the top of the tower. Although her German is minimal, she was able to convey she wanted to ride, gave her 2 euro coin and understood all instruction given. You can hear the people sliding down as you walk up…and shocking that there wasn’t many who let out screams like I would.

Bad Wildbad Baumwipfelpfad (Treetop walk) Germany | www.germanyja.comBad Wildbad Baumwipfelpfad (Treetop walk) Germany | www.germanyja.comAt the top of the tower, there are more informational panels and a picture pointing out the direction of several important cities or attractions such as Paris, Baden-Baden, Tripsdrill, etc. At the very top near the stairs leading down is a nice sized bench that an entire family complete with Oma and Opa were enjoying their lunch. When in Rome…hint hint. Bring light snacks and enjoy incredible views of the Black Forest! If not there, walk down below and exit the tower, there is a large wooden picnic tables and benches to make a nice lunch spot. No worries if you didn’t bring any food or snacks, through a trail, you can eat the ski lodge biergarten.

I highly recommend this treetop tower and walkway. Perfect outing for the entire family and if you love to ride a mountain bike off-road, there is a club right next to the parking lot that offers courses. Buses will pick you up at the base of hill and bring you back up.

Tip: If you bring your dog, you will be able to leave them by the ticket booth in wooden crates with locks and retrieve them after your visit.

Bad Wildbad Baumwipfelpfad (Treetop walk) Germany | www.germanyja.comGeneral Information:

Bad Wildbad Baumwipfelpfad (Treetop walk) website

Bad Wildbad Tourism website

Admission:Bad Wildbad Baumwipfelpfad (Treetop walk) Germany |

Adults: €9.50
Children 6-14: €7.50
Family Ticket (2 adults and their children): €19.50


Hours and open days vary greatly throughout the year. Check the Baumwipfelpfad website for specifics.


Peter-Liebig-Weg 16 – Sommerberg
75323 Bad Wildbad

The nearest train station is: 
Heermannsweg 1 – Sommerbergbahn Bergstation | 75323 Bad Wildbad

You can park in paid parking lots near the Baumwipfelpad.

Adding a Sommerbergbahn ride:

There is a funicular called Sommerbergbahn that rides up and down from Bad Wildberg, the town in the valley below to this area. If you choose to park in Bad Wildberg, you can ride the Sommerbergbahn up and down. There is a combination ticket for Baumwipfelpfad and Sommerbergbahn that will save you a little bit of Euro if you choose to do both. 

Address for the funicular station in the valley town: 
Uhlandplatz 5
75323 Bad Wildbad

Sommerbergbahn website

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