Caretta Balik Restaurant



If you are heading down to the beach in Yumurtalik for the day, head to Caretta Balik Restaurant for lunch or dinner. It’s right on the beach and has a wonderful view of the castle in the sea.


We made it in for a late lunch on a Sunday afternoon.  The owner speaks very good English, and he was there that day to help us.  Before we even sat down, he told us there was no menu.  He said that we needed to pick our fish from the cooler.  They pulled 4-5 different types of whole fish out of the cooler for us to choose from.  We chose sea bass.  You can ask them to filet it for you or you can have it cooked whole, and they will fry it or grill it for you.  We had ours filleted and grilled. Other main course choices are shrimp and calamari.  They will fry the shrimp or sauté it with garlic and vegetables, and the calamari is only served fried. We decided to try it all and ordered the sautéed shrimp and the fried calamari to accompany our grilled sea bass.

Caretta Balik

Back at our table were two different types of salads.  One was an arugula salad with a delicious salad dressing the other one was a more typical shepard salad.  Both salads were delicious and fresh.  They also brought out some grilled ciabatta type bread.  The bread was delicious and different from other Turkish breads we’ve had.

After we finished our salads, they brought out our cooked seafood choices.  Everything was perfectly cooked and delicious.  There were no head or bones on the fish as promised and the seasoning they used to grill it was very tasty.  The shrimp and calamari were also delicious. We cleaned our plates.

Caretta Balik

After we all thought we were stuffed one person in our group wanted dessert and the owner brought out a very interesting durum wheat dessert that had ice cream in the middle.  It was very light and a not too sweet perfect ending to a great meal on the beach.

Caretta Balik

Since there was no menu, we had no idea how much all of this good eating was going to cost, but when they brought the check it was only 90TL.  We were pleasantly surprised and knew immediately that we would be going back for another fantastic, affordable fish meal very soon.

Caretta Balik Restaurant

Phone: 0322 671 30 32

Address: Atatürk Caddesi (Ceyhan Yumurtalık Yolu), 01680 Yumurtalık/Adana

There is street parking, but it can get busy on weekends and peak season.

GPS Coordinates36.7693889, 035.7912778

One thought on “Caretta Balik Restaurant

  1. Tuti says:

    With the recommendations from TT, we went to try this restaurant and we were pleasantly happy with the service and our meal. You definitely cannot beat the beautiful of view of the castle while we ate our dinner!


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