Andirin Optik (Eyewear & Optometry)


Andirin Optik-002

I wear contacts; I was running low and did not have enough time to place an order online for delivery before I left for our travels. Our base optometrist recommended Andirin Optik. With my contact lens prescription in hand; I headed into Adana to see if I could get some contacts from Andirin Optik. Sure enough, they actually had my contact lens prescription in stock! I was able to walk out of there with a 6 months supply of contacts. Full disclosure; my eye prescription is very light and basic, so if you had a complex prescription they may have to put in a special order. Just to give you a breakdown of costs, I paid 65 TL for six weeks supply/6 lenses in a box.

Andirin Optik

They have a nicely curated selection of glasses including two of my favorite designers (Ray Bans & Chanel) and several others. The selection there is definitely geared more towards adults, but I would still recommend going there if you have kids. They have a small selection of kids’ eyewear.


They also have non-prescription sunglasses for purchase as well. I purchased a pretty fancy pair for just $20. I felt the contact lens was fairly priced and you can save on shipping costs.

Andirin Optik-001

The shop is very clean and they always greet you when you come through the door.  They are very helpful and they do not hover over you while you shop. I have never had any eye glasses prescription filled there, but I do have some friends that have ordered glasses and they have only good things to say about Andirin.  If you have any problems with your glasses I am sure they will make it right.

Andırın Optik

Hours: Monday-Saturday

9:00am -7:00pm.

Payment: Credit Card & TL

Phone: 0322 458 1019

Address: Atatürk Cad. Kenan Evren Bul. Kalaoğlu İşhanı No:12/A Seyhan, Adana, Turkey

Google Map

GPS Coordinates: 37, 35.32133299999998

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