Tokyo Sushi Bar, Mannheim


Tokyo Sushi Mannheim |www.germanyja.comWe are always on the lookout for good sushi so when I heard that Tokyo Sushi is worth the drive from the KMC, we planned a trip around a visit to this sushi restaurant. It’s a small place that lives up to the hype.

Tokyo Sushi Mannheim |www.germanyja.comWe visited Mannheim on a bright spring day. Tokyo Sushi is a few blocks away from the Mannheim landmark Wasserturm (water tower) and park. We found parking at the Cinemaxx Mannheim, but there is also parking under the Wasserturm.

Tokyo Sushi Bar has two locations in Mannheim. We ate at the smaller, original location. Inside, there was seating at the sushi bar and another bar looking out on the street. We arrived at the very end of their lunch (1200-1500) on a weekday and there were open seats, but we were never alone despite our timing between lunch and dinner. They graciously allowed us to order off the Mittagsmenü (lunch menu) as well as the regular menu.

I enjoy eating at the sushi bar and watching the sushi being made. Our view was a little obscured, but was still enjoyable to watch our sushi as well as other items being prepared.

We ordered a variety of items: the “Normal” plate from the Mittagsmenü with came with several small rolls and some nigiri. The lunch dish also came with a bowl of miso soup. Beyond that we ordered rolls À la carte. We had the shake, spicy salmon, Maguro Tatami, Alaskan and a few others. We enjoyed a Calpis (Japanese, white soft drink) and a Krombacher Radler (when in Rome…).

All of the sushi was delicious! The food and drink, along with the beautiful Japanese of our fellow diners took us back to Japan. It definitely filled our craving for sushi. I would rank it in the top two most authentic Japanese style sushi experiences I’ve had in Germany along with Ayame in Kaiserslautern.

Tokyo Sushi Mannheim |www.germanyja.comTips for Your Trip:

Location we visited above:Tokyo Sushi Mannheim |

L 14, 11
68161 Mannheim

Telephone: 0621 / 39 72 80 9


Monday – Saturday: 1200 – 2200
Sunday and Holidays: 1700 – 2300

Second Location:

Q 4, 12-16
68161 Mannheim

Telephone: 0621 / 33 65 338


Monday – Friday 1200 – 1500 and 1800 – 2300
Saturday 1200 – 2300
Sunday and Holidays: 1700 – 2100


Lunch plate with miso: €9.00 – €14.00
Maki rolls: €3.50 – €4.00
Nigiri: €4.00 – €6.00
Large rolls: €4.50 – €14.00

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