We Got Our Assignment to Germany! Now What!?!


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Did you see it coming? Maybe you’ve done everything you could to get your dream assignment of Germany. It was the top of your dream sheet for awhile, you’ve pulled so many strings that you have no more strings left, perhaps you’ve even used a long unaccompanied tour to get what you’ve wanted: an assignment to Germany!

But now what?

Maybe you hadn’t even thought about Germany before. Maybe you weren’t expecting a new duty station for awhile, much less one overseas.

So now what?

Germany Ja is here for you! Our mission is to turn “Overseas? Yikes!” into “Overseas? YES!” We have tons of information about preparing to PCS, PCSing, getting here, getting set and then loving your new home.

Here are some of the articles we have to help you on your PCS way. If you don’t find the information you need, please ask! You can contact us and our friends on our Q&A Germany Ja Facebook Group or write to us at manager @germanyja.com.


Appliances: What to Bring and What to Leave

Packing for the Long Flight

Moving collage; germanyja.comThe Move:

PCS Binder

Tips On Moving Overseas (Includes Packing and Pets)

Tips for Moving with the Military: Things I Wish I’d Known My First PCS

How Not to PCS (Deals with PCSing separately from your Active Duty Spouse)

Filing a Moving Claim Part I

Filing (and Receiving) a Moving Claim Part II

Top 6 PCSing Tips (Including Pets, Cell Phones, Learning German and Studying for the driver’s license test)

Receiving your UB and HHG (Unaccompanied Baggage and House Hold Goods)

PCS with a Twist (A Potluck, Cocktails and Shopping Party to lighten the load before you leave)

PCSing Confessions (Take heart, we’ve all been there!)

PCSing |germanyja.comThe Rotator (A.K.A. Patriot Express, The Flight Over):

Staying in Baltimore before Your Flight Over

Rotator Flight to Germany

Bringing Your Pet:

How to Ship an Unaccompanied Pet

PCSing Our Pet Pooches

Rotator, BWI|www.germanyja.comA Place to Live:

Getting a House

German Homes vs. American Homes

Driver’s Licenses:

Getting a USAREUR Drivers License (License for military families in Germany)

International Drivers License (needed to drive outside of Germany)

moving sticker |www.germanyja.comA Car to Drive:

Shipping Your Car (POV) to Germany

Receiving Your Car (POV) in Germany

Buying a New Car

GermanyLogo; germanyja.comAdjusting to Germany:

Kids and Jet Lag

Don’t Worry, It’ll Be Okay – German Version

Dear “New To Germany”

Beating Homesickness

Helpful German Phrases: Getting Started

10 Things I Learned AFTER I Got to Germany (Learn them here the easy way instead of waiting to learn them the hard way!)

Culture Shock

What’s Next?

Once you are here and settled in, please start exploring and enjoying this wonderful opportunity you’ve been given! Go grocery shopping in another country just because you can. Explore Germany each chance you get. Take each long weekend and enjoy a bit of Europe. Need any ideas? That’s also what Germany Ja is here for!

Want to go to the local festival, but would feel more comfortable with some background information? Not sure about schnitzel? Don’t understand why your neighbor’s comforter is having out the window? Wondering about how to celebrate Fasching? Germany Ja has information about German Culture too. Soak it up!

Take a look at the menu tabs up above and see what there is to offer. If you find something else you’d like to share, please contact us so that you can share it with others.

2 thoughts on “We Got Our Assignment to Germany! Now What!?!

  1. Hoff says:

    You are stupid. Germany is not a wonderful opportunity, it is a misery. Once you get here you will wait weeks for your car, licence is a college level test. You cant bring guns or mud trucks. People will try to sell you travel option. Travel is duper expensive. Who cares about Paris or London. I am happy with Boston, Austin, Denver etc. Be ready to waste ton of money on nonsense. Most importantly you most likely will end up in INSCOM unit. These units are the worst, worse than Quartermaster. Welcome.


  2. Content Editor says:

    Hoff – we’re sorry your experience in Germany has been less than pleasant. Here at Germany Ja, our mission is to help those who are new to living here to learn to explore Germany (and Europe), and learn what its culture and people have to teach us about this area of the world. It’s our hope that despite your negative experiences so far, you’ll come to appreciate the opportunities being abroad can afford you.


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