Elem. I almost cannot believe that this restaurant has not been written up on Turkey Tamam yet. I keep searching the archives to double check, because this place, hands down, is my favorite Turkish restaurant in Adana.

I wrote a few months ago about the hummus at Kebapçı Adil and how amazing it was, but Elem takes it up quite a few notches. I mean, Adil is awesome, but Elem just has that wow factor.

The first time I went to Elem, we followed friends to the restaurant. “Left at the road that the Hilton is on….” Seems normal. “Okay, why are we still driving down this road? I think we must have passed it.” We MUST have passed it. And then, it appears in the middle of nowhere, the bright green Elem sign – like an oasis, it just was there.


And the funniest thing to me is that the restaurant was packed. In the States, location is everything. Location. Location. Location. How does a restaurant in the middle of nowhere garner so much attention and patronage? Elem has been around since 1979, and what a following they have built over the years!


The Food. Is. Awesome.

The prices are very reasonable. We recently went there with our visiting family and with 9 total people, our bill was 165TL ($65). That is unheard of in the States. And this included appetizers, drinks etc.


The staff are very friendly, and they will quickly realize that you are American and get a host/waiter that speaks very great English to assist. They are always eager to help and to make your experience very pleasant. Every time I want a comfortable, pleasant, easy, and delicious experience, I always go to Elem. And bring the kiddos too – they have a playground!


Amongst our large party, we had two vegetarians. I have to say that it was difficult for them to find something on the menu that would work for their diet, but with the hummus, cheese bread, generous portions of ‘free’ salad, they walked away from their Elem experience anything but hungry.




On the menu, they serve the typical Turkish fare – Chicken sis, Lamb sis, mixed grill, etc.

Elem Turkish Restaurant

Hours: Monday-Sunday 10:00am to midnight



(menu available on Facebook site)

Address: Karataş Bulvarı, 01220 Adana/Adana, Turkey

GPS Coordinates – 36.941631, 35.351611

2 thoughts on “Elem

  1. Mary Gobble says:

    Hey! We went to Elem this past Friday and it was fantastic. It now has become one of our favorites and the kiddos loved the play area and enjoyed their food as well.


  2. Local Manager says:

    TT is always very happy to hear that our readers are going out into Adana and trying out some of the great recommendations on the site! Thank you for keeping us posted on your adventures! 🙂


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