Philadelphia Hoagies


Philadelphia Hoagies

Living in Korea has introduced me to a whole host of weird, wonderful, and ultimately delicious food. I love exploring the variety Korean cuisine has to offer but there are also the days when all I really want is a good sandwich and a side of fries! Today was one of those days and luckily, it being Children’s Day in Korea, I had the day off and was able to mooch around Songtan with a friend looking for something to satisfy my Western craving. My friend said she’d heard of a new place serving sandwiches so we decided to check it out.

Philadelphia Hoagies    Philadelphia Hoagies

A relatively new addition to the strip, Philadelphia serves a great selection of sandwiches at a fair price. After staring at the menu trying to decide what we wanted, the owner, a lovely Korean man, informed us of the lunch special which included a regular cheesesteak with free fries and drink (10,000won). I was sold! My friend opted for the turkey sandwich (7000won). Oh sweet sandwich goodness! This was exactly what we were looking for and really hit the spot! The bread is home baked, the meat is full of flavor and the salad toppings were crisp and fresh! Unfortunately, we were too excited to dig in to our food I only remembered to take photos halfway through our meal!


This was a great little find with only a few tables inside as well as a picnic bench and small seating bar outside. So if you’re wanting a quick and cheap taste of home in Songtan, you can’t do much better than this place!

           Philadelphia Hoagies

Philadelphia Hoagies

Hours: There were no times stated anywhere inside which I think might be due to the newness of the place. We were there at 11.30 and my friend said she has come before around 2.

Payment: Won or Dollars are accepted. Exchange rate is 1:1.

Directions: Coming out of Osan main gate, walk down the strip until you hit Blue Opera on your left hand side. Take the street to your right and Philadelphia is a few stores down on your left side.


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