Apple Product Repair Services in Adana


Apple Repair Adana.01

We love our Apple products and were super disappointed when our iMac stopped working only one month after arriving at Incirlik. I quickly discovered an Apple Retail store on Ziapaşha… and then quickly discovered that they don’t do repairs.

After searching and asking around, I discovered an Authorized Apple Product repair shop!

Apple Repair Adana.56They are able to provide service and repair to nearly ALL Apple products from all around the world. Unfortunately, they cannot repair non-Turkish iPhones (but they can provide warranty service).

We took in our iMac and the entire staff was friendly and accommodating. Apple Service professional, Muhammet, knows a little English and was quick to utilize Google Translate for help when needed. I had my problem diagnosed within one service day (a faulty hard drive) and I was given several options for repair. I chose a 1 Terabyte Turkish hard-drive with a two-year warranty for 220TL. They diagnosed, installed and set up my new hard drive with my Time Machine back up for 80TL. It took three service days for the final repair once I chose my hard drive.

We had a great experience, received our desired repair at an exceptional cost and enjoyed several cups of chai along the way.

We highly recommend the folks at the Apple Repair Shop.

Apple Repair Shop, Adana

Hours: M-F: 0830-1800; Sat: 0900-1600; Sun: CLOSED

Phone: +90 850 225 0502

Address: Apple Yetkili Servis, 62017 Sokak (16 Sk.), Reşatbey Mh., Adana, Turkey

GPS: 36.997458, 35.332196

Directions: Coming from Incirlik AB, take a right on the D-400. Stay in your right hand lane as you pass the Mosque. Take the first right after the Mosque onto Fuzuli Cd. The Park will be on your right and a median on your left. You will need to pass the Apple store and take the round-about after the Migros & McDonalds in order to get on the correct side of the street (you cannot park on the right side near the Mosque park- really, you cannot. They will tow your vehicle). Take the round-about and pass Toros, Vali Yolu and Stadyum. Look for the black and white apple flags out front on the right hand side and park (even double park) in front of the store.

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