The Ohreumi Elevator to Namsan


Looking for an easy way to get to N Seoul Tower on the top of Namsan in Seoul? You can typically hike, use the bus, or take the cable car to the top. You can even hitch a ride on the Seoul City Bus Tour. If you’re going to go the cable car route, there is a fun feature some folks aren’t aware of that gets you to the cable car platform – the free Ohreumi Elevator.

The what?!?

If you’re in Myeongdong or Namdaemun, head towards the 3rd Namsan Tunnel entrance, shown here:


Heading up the hill, you’ll see this random, tall monument and the elevator platform:


You’ll also see a track running diagonally up the hillside, which the Ohreumi elevator travels on at a seemingly bizarre angle:


It’s completely free, so very Korea, and takes you straight up to the cable car building and ticket area. Have fun and enjoy the ride!

cable car

How to get to the Ohreumi Elevator by the 3rd Namsan Tunnel:

From Myeongdong: Walk straight from Myeongdong Subway Station, Line 4, Exit 4 and turn left at Sogong-ro

From Namdaemun: Walk straight from Hoyhyeon Subway Station, Line 4, Exit 4 and turn right at Sogong-ro

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