Buying Sports Jerseys in Songtan


One of the first things you’ll notice while taking a stroll outside the main gate of Osan AB, or “the ville” as it is called, is the abundance of sports jerseys on display. NFL jerseys and NBA jerseys from just about every team decorate the shop entrances and cause even non-sports fans like me to take a second look.

Songtan- Jerseys- nfl-sibo lungu Songtan- Jerseys- jerseys 2sibo lungu

I always keep my eyes open for teams my family and friends back home like because they make great gifts. The prices start at $30 depending on the design. From many of the stores that I’ve asked, for $30 you can get a shirt with custom embroidery like your name and a number sewn on the back.

Songtan- Jerseys- shirt 2-sibo lungu          Songtan- Jerseys- shirt 1- sibo lungu

Children’s shirts are priced the same. One of the tailors said that children’s shirts are actually harder to make because sewing details on very small sizes takes more time and skill so you may find them higher priced depending on the design. But like much of the shopping in Songtan, prices are negotiable. Also, the more you buy, the more the discount.

Songtan- Jesreys-storefront shirts- sibo lungu

There are several stores and they all seem to have similar pricing. Some jerseys look more meticulously made than others so do inspect their already–made merchandise to make your decision on a shop.

Some shops also make team custom team uniforms, with a name and number. The cost for this set was about $60.

Songtan- Jerseys- uniform-sibo lungu        Songtan- Jerseys- uniform 2 -sibo lungu

You don’t only have to use existing sports team logos for your design. I have seen people ask for their own designs of dragons, tigers, or whatever animal speaks to you. There is a shop that sells a variety of patches that can help inspire you. Flags, letters, Disney characters, or symbols are all very popular. These shop owners will do anything to make you happy. Their confidence in creating your masterpiece runs high! In additional to jerseys, you get custom leather jackets, caps, beanies, and even socks to complete your full look. Happy shopping!

One thought on “Buying Sports Jerseys in Songtan

  1. Tina king says:

    I worked for football fanatic and purchase a jersey from NFL SHOP with my discount… Still paid over a hundred… Went to Busan korea while there had Mike to make the exact same jersey for 60% less. And I am more satisfied with Mikes work than NFL SHOP…


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