Getting a Tourist Passport for Your Newborn at Osan/Humphreys


passportGetting our newborn legal documents took some effort… much more so than with our older children in the US. I’m hoping that this post can be helpful to new parents. We were lucky enough to have other new parents point us in the right direction at Osan. This process applies to Osan AB and Camp Humphreys. There is a different office at Yongsan.

The following are the directions verbatim that I received from the Camp Humphreys Passport office. The italicized portions are my own notes to help.



1. Application for Consular Report of Birth Abroad of a citizen of the U.S.A.

a) Go to the Department of State web page at:

b) Keyword page: type in (DS 2029)

***This form asks how much time you’ve spent in and out of the US. Blocks 24-27. This took some digging for us to remember where all we’ve been. My husband actually referred to some old security clearance paper work to ensure he had his dates right. In the last five years, he’s been to more than 10 countries for work. It took some time to dig all that information up.***

2. Application for Social Security Card, FORM SS-5-FS

a) Go to the Social security administration web page at:

b) Click Application for Social Security Card, Form SS-5-FS (for people outside the United States)

***There are blocks 1-3. Click on each of those to get more information.***

3. Application for U.S Passport – Go to the Department of the State Webpage at:

a)  Online application

1) Type your Full name with suffix (ex.: Jr. Sr. II, III)

2) Type 000-00-0000 as Newborn Social Security Number

3) Type in your email address and phone number

4) Mailing Address – Type in your APO, AP address as State and City

5) Permanent Address – Type in your US address (ex. Home of record or Next of kin)

6) Type in full emergency contact (Person who will not travel with applicant)

7) Parents’ information

A) Date of Birth and Place of Birth (City, State) for parents are required

B) Type your father’s name as appear on your birth certificate.

C) Type your mother’s last name with maiden name.

4. Print out the form after completing online application properly.  *DO NOT SIGN ON THE APPLICATIONS*

5. Call DSN: 753-6628 for an appointment

Additional Requirement documents

  1. Evidence of Citizenship of both father and mother (original passport, US birth certificate with certified seal, consular report of birth abroad, naturalization certificate, certificate of citizenship)
  2. Evidence of parents’/guardians relationship to the applicant (original U.S. military hospital report of birth, Korean Birth Abroad) ***We received a “Record of Live Birth” from Yongsan when our baby was born***
  3. Parents’/Guardians’ Marriage and marriage termination documents (original marriage certificate, divorce decrees from previous marriage)
  4. Passport photo (passport photos have to be within 6 months of taken).
    ***We took our baby’s at the Osan BX. There is a photo shop concessionaire right across from the Starbucks. It costs $15***
  5. $ 205 dollars MONEY ORDER (payable to “US EMBASSY”).
  6. Both parents and the applicant have to be present for the appointment.

If you have any questions, call. They should be able to explain all the forms and help you. It is really important that you don’t sign anything because some of the documents need to be notarized. The legal office is close to the passport office (just a few buildings away at Humphreys) if you need it.

passport office 2                  passort office

The passport office emailed me when the Consular Report of Birth Abroad (birth certificate) and passport were ready for pick up. The Social Security Card was mailed to us.  We did our appointments in January, and received all three back in April. Be prepared to surrender your passport, US birth certificate with certified seal, consular report of birth abroad, naturalization certificate, or certificate of citizenship; they are sent as supporting documents. We sent in our passports, which meant I had to wait to book a plane ticket to the states until it came back in the mail… probably not the best planning on my part. 🙂

passportHere’s the information for the Passport Office:

Phone: 753-6628

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Friday: 0900-1600, Wednesday: CLOSED, Thursday: 1300-1600, Lunch 1130-1300

The Passport office is located in Bldg S 544 on Camp Humphreys. When looking at the clinic, there is a building to the right. It is the third building back. Parking is limited, so be prepared to walk. The office is on the second floor right at the top of the stairs.


For those of you out there reading this that just need Tourist Passports, the Passport office at Humphreys does that as well. Call for additional information.

Anyone from Yongsan or other bases please chime in about your process! I hope this post will be helpful to new parents! Good luck!

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