Picking Strawberries in the Kaiserslautern Area


Strawberry Picking Erdbeerland |www.germanyja.comLate spring is bringing wonderful things to Germany, and that includes Erdbeeren (strawberries) and Spargel (asparagus, usually white), two culinary favorites as the cold of winter is forgotten. Fans of fresh produce can enjoy a delicious treat by picking their own strawberries.

I took advantage of the strawberry fields in Kaiserslautern, but the company also has fields in Landstuhl, Rodenbach and more throughout Rhineland Pfalz and Saarland. To find the K-town location, just through the industrial park in the east side of town; the fields are located above the highway. Take Wartenberger Weg and follow the “Erdbeerland” signs, which wind through fields and even takes one under the highway to the cowpath that leads to the red treats.

Strawberry Picking Erdbeerland |www.germanyja.comAt the top of the hill, there is a clearing for parking and in the middle of the fields is the cashier’s hut. In the hut, one can purchase strawberry wine and already picked strawberries.

Even better yet, though, is picking one’s own strawberries. They’re less expensive to purchase. Before picking strawberries, give your container to the cashier to be weighed. The cashier will give a receipt; keep it, because when paying, the customer presents it for the weight of the container to be deducted. From there, the fields, and the delicious strawberries, await! Pick to your heart’s content.

Strawberry Picking Erdbeerland |www.germanyja.comThe price on the day I visited was €3.20 per kilogram (remember that a kilogram is over 2 pounds so this is a great price).

Tips for Your Trip:Strawberry Picking Erdbeerland |www.germanyja.com

This website has more information about the strawberry fields mentioned, as well as additional fields in the region.

Erdbeerland Ernst & Funck

Here is the Kaiserslautern location:


Erdbeerland Ernst & Funck Strawberry Picking
Wartenberger Weg
67657 Kaiserslautern


Open Monday through Sunday 0800-1800;
open Thursdays until 1900 during the harvest season (Check the website to see which fields are ripe)

Typical Harvest Seasons:

Strawberries: May – July
Spargel: April – June
Raspberries: June – September
Tomatoes: July – October

Strawberry Picking Erdbeerland |www.germanyja.com


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