Anjirang’s Gopchang Alley


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Part of the thrill of living in another country is sampling that country’s cuisine. While familiar to many other countries, tripe or intestines are still new to many American palettes.

Fortunately, for those living in Daegu and willing to try Gopchang or Makchang, the innards of a cow or pig, know that you’re in good hands. Daegu has been famous for grilled intestines for several decades.

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Although it’s available all over the city, I recommend heading to Anjirang’s Gopchang alley for the full experience. Although I did enjoy sampling crispy and spicy Makchung – the large intestine – in the Sangin area, I felt more comfortable eating the small intestine – Gopchang – as it’s farther away from the rectum of the animal.

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Head to Anjirang’s Gopchang alley and you’ll find the street bustling at night with over 40 similar-looking restaurants all serving Gopchang. Even more, each open-air restaurant will appear jam-packed with people sitting in red chairs and socializing over intestines. Some restaurants marinate the intestines and others keep it simple. You can expect to pay about 10-12,000 won for 500 grams of Gopchang which is always accompanied with the usual variety of Korean side dishes.

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The Gopchang tastes delicious grilled over the coal or charcoal fire pits at the tables, especially marinated with a soybean paste and accompanied with garlic and onions. Gopchang is relatively inexpensive and has a high protein and low fat content, making it a great summertime food. Plus, Gopchang Alley is lively as ever during the summertime. Also, Gopchang is conveniently located very close to Apsan Park, so it’ll satisfy a hiker’s ravenous appetite. I’ve only seen the restaurants open at night, so go for dinner! If you’re lucky, you may stumble upon perks like little carts selling handmade artisanal ice-cream.

anjiranggopchang alley

Anjirang’s Gopchang Alley

63, Daemyeong-ro 36-gil, Nam-gu, Daegu
대구광역시남구대명로36길 63

GPS Coordinates: 35.8365922, 128.57486819999997


By Bus: Take the 106 , 410 , 518 , 564 , 604 , 649 , 651 or 805 bus and get off at Anjirang junction bus stop.

By Subway: Take line 1 (red line) to Anjirang Station and take exit 3. Walk about 200 meters towards the huge Anjirang intersection and you’ll find the entrance.


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