Bibap – A Delicious Musical



Bibap is billed as “a delicious musical”. I had no other idea what to expect other than the use of food. I had been to see Nanta already and had really enjoyed it, so I was hopeful! Based on some quick online research, and the entryway art, I knew it was a food themed musical with two competing master chefs.


What it really ended up being was a true “K-Performance” (a Korean show with a mixture of artistic disciplines). The group of performers were accompanied by onstage beat boxing narrators, there were two B-Boy or break dancers, one martial artist, and multiple singers. They all danced at varying times and it was definitely a comedy, complete with the required audience interaction and participation.

Bibap cast
Picture from the show pamphlet

The storyline centers around two chefs who are competing for the title of Top Chef. They each have numerous assistants who “help”while performing rhythmic and melodic pieces with their kitchen tools. The menu includes a variety of dishes – pizza, sushi, chicken noodle – and ends with the ultimate Bibimbap challenge.

It was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed it. Once the storyline was finished, they then brought everyone out for more solo and group performances to showcase their different genres.

Bibap Show Information

Bibap map

Hours: Monday 8 pm, Tuesday-Saturday 5 and 8 pm, Sunday 3 and 6 pm; running time 75 minutes


Prices : VIP seat : 60,000 won / R seat: 50,000 won / S seat: 40,000 won


Phone: 02-766-0815




Address:Cine Core Bibap Theater; 33-1, Gwancheol-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul #110-111


GPS Coordinates: 37.5689133, 126.9880633


Subway Directions: Jonggak Station (Seoul Subway Line 1), Exit #12 ( 10 minute walk)



Jongno 3(sam)-ga station (Seoul Subway Line 1, 3 or 5), Exit #15 (10 minute walk)


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